What Are the Differences Between Quickbooks Pro Hosting And Quickbooks Premier Hosting


Getting your business on the cloud is one of the convenient and ideal ways to keep your business secure and easy to manage. Online or cloud accounting is boon to the accounting industry as it offers more reliable and portable accounting solutions to the firm. Quickbooks is an excellent tool for accounting solutions and is now used by a lot of firms. To make Quickbooks more reliable, intuit has offered Quickbooks hosting. You can choose Quickbooks Enterprise hosting, pro hosting, and premier hosting according to your business needs. But, if you are not sure which one to choose, this article will clear the picture for you. Here is a comparison of Quickbooks pro hosting and Quickbooks premier hosting to help you decide the best one for you. Keep on reading for details.


Quickbooks Pro

Quickbooks pro hosting

Quickbooks Pro can be used by three users at a single time and also minimum stocks. This can be considered a great software for small business owners. When it comes to mid-sized businesses, they can also carry out their tasks up to 80% with Quickbooks Pro. With Quickbooks pro hosting, you will get the following features:
Three different users can use the software at the same time.

  • Job costing
  • Inventory tracking
  • Tracking sales or creating invoices
  • Track your income
  • Importing data
  • Tracking the firm’s expenses
  • Customer management.

Quickbooks Premier

QuickBooks premier hosting

There must be a reason for which people upgrade from Pro to Premier. The very primary reason for this is that the features Quickbooks premier provides. Quickbooks premier allows five users to work simultaneously on the software, suitable for the growing companies. Other than this, there are other versions present in Quickbooks premier, and the features of those versions are also different. Other impressive features of Quickbooks premier are as follows.

  • Job costing
  • Inventory tracking
  • Tracking sales or creating invoices
  • Track your income
  • Importing data
  • Tracking the firm’s expenses
  • Customer management.

Differences Between Quickbooks Pro Hosting and Quickbooks Premier Hosting

Being Quickbooks products, both Quickbooks Pro hosting and Quickbooks premier hosting has many things to offer to the users. But, there are some differences encouraging people to switch between the two. Below we have mentioned and explained the differences between the Quickbooks pro hosting and Quickbooks premier hosting.

Inventory Tracking

In the above section, while explaining the features offered by Quickbooks pro and Quickbooks premier hosting, we have mentioned Inventory tracking in both software. But, there is still a difference between the inventory tracking feature of this software depending upon how these work.

With Quickbooks pro, you get some basic inventory tracking features, but when it comes to Quickbooks premier, it offers you more detailed features to track the inventory. Quickbooks Premier provides you with the following additional features:

  • You can set optimal levels of sales and also follow your list of reorders.
  • You can create orders for purchase when needed and also follow the customer items.
  • Other than this, you can also modify the product’s price for different customers.

Job Costing

With Inventory management, you will also get the Job costing and project profitability feature in Quickbooks premier, better than Quickbooks Pro. These features are provided in Quickbooks premier to fulfill the needs of the business and industry. You will get the following additional Job costing features in Quickbooks Premier hosting:

  • You can track the profitability of your product, filtering it by client or product.
  • Also, you will sort the jobs according to the vendors and check the amount that needs to be paid.
  • You can also change the job estimates and check if it affects the bottom line.


Another great feature that Quickbooks Premier hosting offers you is the forecasting feature. In Quickbooks pro, you cannot forecast your finances, but you can do it with ease in Quickbooks premier. You will get two options to do the same. You can either use the previous year’s data or create it from scratch. Other than this, you will customize the forecast according to the class, customer job, and more.

Number of Users

When it comes to Quickbooks Pro hosting or Quickbooks premier hosting, both offer fewer users than the other competitors. With Quickbooks premier, five members can use the tool simultaneously, and when it comes to Quickbooks pro, only three members get to use the software. Other than this, the plan also increases when an additional user uses the software. For example, if one user has to use the software, you need to pay 399.99$ for Pro and 6.49.99$ for Premier. For three users, you need to pay 899.99$ for Pro and 1399.99$ for Premier.


This software offers automatic reporting features for expenses, balance sheets, profits and loss, and others. With Quickbooks premier, you get up to 150 formats for reporting, and also, they are different for different purposes. But, with Quickbooks pro, you get only 100+ reporting formats. But, in Quickbooks premier, you get more industry-specific reports.

Winding Up

Both Quickbooks pro hosting and Quickbooks premier hosting are good options to take your accounting activities on the cloud. You need to choose the one that your business needs. We have tried to explain in detail the difference between Quickbooks pro hosting and premier hosting so that you can decide without any doubt. other than this, you can also check the price of the plan that you are going to purchase. Hopefully, this guide will help you.


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