Four Incredible Ways Computer Science Education Makes A Student’s Life Better


40% of principals confirmed that there is at least one CS class in Year 2 report. The students can learn coding or computer programming in those classes. 84% of parents say computer science education is as important as other classes such as history, math, science and English. 60% of administrators and teachers agree CS education is required for students.

The strong emphasis on computer science education among professors, students and even parents is evident from the statistics above. But, the question is why? So, let’s check out the four main ways computer science education is undeniably important in a student’s life.

Limitless career opportunities

The pandemic has put the uncertainties in our minds under the spotlight. Thousands are losing their jobs. Millions are dying. It’s just chaos all around us. Anyway, there’s some good news amidst this scenario as well. You can enjoy limitless opportunities even with a simple degree in computer science. Yes, even in this pandemic.

Here are the top careers computer science graduates can opt for any day:

  • Information Technology Consultant- The job requires you to advise on, design, install and manage information technology systems for their clients.
  • Systems analyst- The job requires you to work on a specific firm’s IT system.
  • Game developer- This job requires you to create and produce video games for consoles, personal computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.
  • Web developer- This job requires you to write code in scripting languages to develop sites such as a topic generator or factoring calculator.

Now you don’t have to break a lot of sweat to find jobs related to these fields. Computers are everywhere. From India to Switzerland and Finland, almost every part of the world has something to do with computers. So, chances are you will not run out of career options any time soon.

Financially rewarding

The world was already steering towards complete digitization before the pandemic. The pandemic, however, fueled the process. As the demand for online services increases, the demand for computer science students or computer scientists also increases. Thus, this field offers some of the highest paying jobs as compared to other jobs in the market.

The average salary for candidates with a degree in computer science is £57,500. It, however, varies depending on the position you are applying for. For instance, C++ developers earn around

£28000 – £35000 per annum and IT support engineers earn around £20000.00 – £23000.00 per annum.

Chance to make the world a better place

Who would have thought watching movies or purchasing medicines could be done just with a click ten years ago? But, these days, it is absolutely normal. From our TVs to our cars, everything is gradually getting digitized. And that is possible because of people with a degree or rather interest in computer science. From scientific research to door locks, we can tailor everything at our convenience only due to technologies based on computer science. Thus, you can also be one of those people to bring interesting innovations to life among us.

You can find answers to questions such as:

  • How can blockchain govern trades all over the world?
  • Can we predict the next tsunami or earthquake earlier than what we do today?
  • Is it possible to prevent cyber-attacks forever?
  • Can AI help humans and animals live longer and healthier?

Studying any subject of the computer science stream can help you learn all those skills and concepts required to innovate something new and useful. Technology is intertwined in our lives intricately. This is something never going out of demand or fashion. Studying computer science is your chance to make the world a better, safer place.

Development of transferable skills

This is the best thing about computer science education. You can acquire some of the most significant skills through this course. And these skills can be used in any other career as well. That means if you want to change your career at some point, you can do so without feeling under-confident about it. For instance, you need critical thinking and problem-solving skills while debugging a programme or preventing cyber-attacks on a website. These skills are equally important in other careers as well, such as in book reviewing.

Wrapping Up,

There is a wide slew of career options for students studying computer science. These career options are financially rewarding and quite lucrative as well. You can travel, earn a good sum of money and be happy about your job at the same time. The skills you acquire during the course come in handy in different other careers as well.

Author Bio:

Sarah Jones is a computer science professor at a reputed university in the United Kingdom. She also provides assignment help at Sarah loves to play video games whenever she is free.


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