Use of iPhone Spy App for Kids and Employees Monitoring

Use of iPhone Spy App for Kids and Employees Monitoring

The iPhone devices are largely used in the professional and household fixtures around the globe. They are used by the kids and employees as well, in massive numbers.

With the same pattern chipping in, a number of concerns are there that relate to the kids and businesses. The primary responsibility to negate the impacts of those threats to the kids and business lies with the parents and employers. 

There are number of iPhone spy apps that can be used to negate such activities. The best service in this aspect is TheOneSpy. 

It is considered as one of the most powerful applications for monitoring the activities of the target users over the iPhone devices. The kids and employees who use iPhones consider themselves as untraceable. 

The iPhone spy app can be installed to the target device of the kid or employee. The end-user needs to have physical access to the target device. The parents or employer can install the spy app over the target device subject to the purchase of license of the app.

The tracking app does all the monitoring without posing any hint to the target, and always run in stealth and hidden mode all the time. The key offerings of the spy app are as follows. 

Location tracking

The location tracking feature of the spy app allows the parents and employer logging the real-time location of the target user. The spy app generates a log of all the movement of the target user. 

This log file is stored over the online dashboard which can be accessed by the end-user at any point of time. 

Viewing the log, the end-user will be able to know what locations have been visited by the target user during a certain course of time. Using this feature, the parents can have a close look over the movement of their kids, and if undertake any suspicious movement into an inappropriate area, the parent can know straight away. 

Geo-fencing the movement 

The geo-fencing feature of the TheOneSpy spy app allows the parents and employers restricting the movement of the target users to certain premises. The app enables assigning allowed and forbidden areas for a visit by the target user.

The application thus records the movement of the target user according to the prescribed code. If the target user tries to breach the code of movement, the end-user gets a notification through the email. 

Social media monitoring

The social media monitoring facility of the spy app allows tracking all the social media activities in real-time. All the chats, multimedia shared, voice notes exchanged can be monitored all the way. 

Social media is considered as one of the most pressing threat to the kids. Thus having hands onto the iPhone spy app, the parent will be able to log all the activities of the kids over the social media. 

The VoIP and video calls made or received over the target phone can be listened to in real-time. These calls can be recorded and saved to the online dashboard if the end-user is not available to monitor upfront. 

Phone call tracking

All the phone calls made or received over the target iPhone can be monitored as well. The calls can be listened to in real time, alongside the option to record them. If a certain contact of the target user does not adhere to the moral standards of communication, the same contact can blocked out for further communication with the target user.

The keylogger 

The keylogger feature of the iPhone spy app identifies the password of all the installed applications over the target phone, providing an extensive access to the end-user over the activities of the kid or employee.

The passwords of social media applications and messengers can be identified without any hassle.

Email and SMS

The emails and SMS are considered as the vital source of communication over the cell phones. The email and SMS sent or received over the target device can be monitored in real-time. This earns a fair control to the end-user into the activities of the target user. 


The best iPhone spy app that can record each and every bit of activity taking place on the target device is TheOneSpy. It serves the parents and employers in the best possible manner. 


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