Understand Bankruptcy Laws With An Austin Bankruptcy Lawyer


The Benefits Of Hiring An Austin Bankruptcy Lawyer

In the business world, bankruptcy is considered one of the most difficult issues. Not only will this be hard for the client, but also for the entire staff.

Financial reversal can happen anytime. To some, consulting an Austin bankruptcy lawyer only spells trouble. Though knowing that the business may have to file for bankruptcy may sound very disheartening, there is still somehow a brighter side to the situation. This can also be seen as an opportunity for them to start anew. 

They can do this if they decide to pardon the debts that cannot be easily settled. In addition, clients can also handle this while giving creditors some time to work on the repayment. This should be solely from the available assets for the process of liquidation. 

Cases of bankruptcy may be very heavy and stressful to handle. It is crucial for the clients to know that these are problems that should not be taken care of independently. While the business is already at stake, doing the manpower all by themselves is not advisable.

Familiarize Clients On How Bankruptcy Cases Work 

The basics of bankruptcy are created to give necessary information to several significant groups in the business industry. They can provide the information needed by the debtors, court personnel, as well as the general public. 

An example of this specific type of information would be the laws concerning federal bankruptcy, which can be explained by an Austin business lawyer.

The basic concepts of bankruptcy can also be very helpful to people who can be possible clients. This can give the people all the basic instructions and conditions they need to know upon filing cases for bankruptcy. One of these would be the stages of bankruptcy, also known as chapters.

 Being educated in this part of the law, especially when running a business, can be an advantage for them in the future. Further concerns about the bankruptcy basics can be properly discussed if the clients decide to hire an Austin business lawyer.

Types Of Bankruptcies 

Another subject that may be a significant factor in a discussion between an Austin bankruptcy lawyer and the client would be the types of bankruptcy. In the law, this can be located within the parts of the Bankruptcy Code. This would help specify how deep their bankruptcy case really is, and what the outcome will be. Below are some of the types of bankruptcy.  

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

People who usually file for this specific type of bankruptcy are small businesses in Austin TX. Most of the time, they can either have small amounts of their assets or they would have none of it at all. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they can get rid of unprotected debts. 

Examples of these would be balances from their credit cards and also hospital bills. When it comes to people with assets that are nonexempt, they might be required to liquidate their possessions. This can be the only way for them to finally settle their debts and pay for them. The process of liquidation is where they are expected to sell in order for them to somehow produce an income. 

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

In this part, the main goal is to start over. They will be given a chance to restructure their strategies and keep the business running. Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases give a company or a business an opportunity to rethink and plan concepts that can help them build their profits once more. In fact, the company may also still receive income from some of its stockholders and partners, but only with the ones they prefer.  

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy  

Chapter 13 in bankruptcy is what most people would prefer getting in Austin TX. Since Chapter 7 might end up in liquidation, Chapter 13 would still somehow give the clients a chance to keep some of their valuable possessions. 

Examples of assets the client can keep would be a piece of property or land. Chapter 13 bankruptcy also gives the person in debt more time to plan ways to pay for their pending debts for around three to five years. 

They Can Guide The Clients Throughout The Process  

An Austin business lawyer will not only provide the necessary information, but the client may also rely on their guidance. They can also be there for them whenever they need assistance with the process.

How To Deal With Bankruptcy Cases In Austin TX?

There are several things one must know when it comes to handling bankruptcy cases. The first few steps are already done and over with, which was learning more about the other types of bankruptcies. The client should then learn if they are qualified to file a case for bankruptcy. 

From this, the second part will be knowing whether this type of bankruptcy will tend to erase any sort of debt. The client may also learn if they still get to keep the land or estate. After the first few steps are finally settled, the client will eventually face a ton of paperwork. All of this should be settled before the meeting with the creditors.

Once the significant files are turned over, there will be a scheduled meeting for the case. An important part may be added to the meeting if the bankruptcy case was filed under Chapter 13. They will have the debtor attend a confirmation hearing afterward to think and plan about what to do on how they can settle their final payments.

The Importance Of Hiring An Austin Bankruptcy Lawyer

A lot of people decide not to go the extra mile and get the right people for the job when they should. A lot of things can be lifted from the client’s shoulders when they get in touch with the right people. 

When facing cases like this in Austin TX, it is highly recommended to hire an Austin bankruptcy lawyer. They are experienced and capable of handling bankruptcy cases, no matter what chapter it is filed under. For instance, they can help the client decide when is the right time to file and settle the bankruptcy case. 

In addition, they can also cover all the possible complications that may come along the way once the case is already being discussed. Contact Lincoln-Goldfinch Law to settle bankruptcy cases in Austin TX.


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