Turquoise – A Beautiful and Unique Gemstone – Its Color, Make, and Properties


Introduction to the Turquoise

Turquoise is one of the oldest stones globally, named after the French term “Pierre Torques,” which means the Turkish stone. The blue-green stone resembles the color of the tropical sea. It brings the energy of peace and understanding, allowing the person to adopt new ideas and environments, providing clarity.

Color Properties of the Turquoise

The opaque mineral with shades of blue, green, and yellowish-green has been a treasured gemstone for millions of years. Turquoise jewelry catches the attention and is the most desirable color asked by jewelry lovers. Turquoise is the only stone after which the color is named officially. However, the color of Turquoise might be altered by the amount of iron or zinc substituting for copper in the turquoise structure. It also contains the inclusion of its host rock that appears as black or brown spider-webbing or patches within the material. It is a porous substance, and it can absorb liquid, including sweat, body oil, cleaning products, or any other liquid that comes in contact.

Healing Properties of the Water Stone

Wearing the turquoise ring is a very efficient healing stone, providing comfort and solace for the spirit. These jewelry pieces are striking beauty and are one of the most spiritual stones in the world of crystal. Turquoise is the stone that is made combining and bringing together the earth and the sky. It is also called the purification stone, as it will effectively dispel negativity and protect the wearer from evil eyes, bringing the stress-free days into the wearers’ life. Moreover, it will promote self-realization and help the wearer achieve what they desire.

Birth-Stone and Beneficial for December Babies

The breathtaking stone is the birthstone for the people born in the month of December. The blue color of the stone is a lovely match for winter babies. Any person who is Sagittarius or Capricorn can take benefit of this stone, and it can help the person achieve prosperity. Wearing this blue Turquoise jewelry as a bracelet will foster open communication, giving mental clarity and tranquility. In addition, this turquoise bracelet is known as the stone of protection. December-born babies can achieve a greater level of understanding, confidence, sense of peace, and increased cognitive ability.

Best Varieties of Turquoise

There are more than 30 types of Turquoise stones available in the market. Let us talk about the three best stones among the 30: copper Turquoise, oyster Turquoise, and Tibetan Turquoise.

Copper Turquoise is the Turquoise stone that is crumbled and formed again by adding copper that enhances the beauty of the charming jewelry pieces. Wearing the Copper turquoise jewelry will give the benefits of wearing the Turquoise and as well as the copper. However, the deposits of the copper form wonderful contours on its surface, relieving the black and brown matrix. The ancient study believes that this stone is considered as the stone of communication, as it brings the undiscovered abilities of art in front, which the wearer couldn’t find. It will bring success, prosperity and improve the strength of the mind.

The oyster Turquoise jewelry is enhanced by the natural colors, the vibrant colors like orange, red, purple, and pink give a perfect glow to the jewelry piece. It could be a wonderful fit when worn as a fashion piece of jewelry, although it could also be worn for emotional impact. These gemstones are very valuable, have wonderful healing properties, balance the body, and give emotional healing. Wearing this stone can bring real happiness and stabilize mood swings. This jewelry could be worn at any event, and this Oyster Turquoise earring could be a perfect fit worn while hanging with friends. As the Turquoise is also the symbol of friendship, it would make relations stronger.

Tibetan Turquoise is the stone which is most sought after by Nepalese and Tibetan people for its spiritual powers and the beauty it has. The stone is mined in the Himilayas and is part of people’s lives, and they considered them to be very secure for their metaphysical and spiritual values. It is the sky stone, brought to the earth from the heavens, and is an important religious stone used by Tibetans since 1000 BC.


Buying the Stone Online

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