Toyota Hilux Maintenance Tips


When buying a car, you want to make sure that you will be able to drive it safely and reliably for as long as possible. 

With over 50 years on the road, this Japanese ute is one of the most sold cars in Australia and loved by those who enjoy a bit of a rough ride on the difficult terrain of the Aussie Outbacks.

In reality, HiLux drivers all over the globe know and appreciate the fact that if you put in the additional effort to care for your Toyota properly. It will serve you more than well in return and will most likely carry you to mileages that no other vehicle has ever achieved. 

Your Toyota HiLux is not your everyday city car; it most likely serves you in more strenuous situations than rush hour traffic. Therefore, this complex automobile deserves more attention and care than the annual service appointment. 

But there are more things you can do to make sure your x stays in tip top shape. 

Here are some tips to ensure you are maintaining your ute correctly: 

Services and Owner’s Manual

You should indicate your annual or bi-annual service appointment in your vehicle booklet, and it is definitely something similar to your yearly health check-up with your doctor; you shouldn’t miss it. 

On top of that, your vehicle’s manual gives you viable information on your car and what it needs to be the reliable, roadworthy partner you need – read it!

Fluids and Oil 

The oils and fluids maintain your HiLux’s mileage and, therefore, should always be regularly checked and exchanged.

As with anything: quality is key. Make sure you read up on which oils and fluids are recommended for your type of vehicle, and don’t try to save a bug by going lower on quality; this will cost you way more if your engine fails.

An oil change is recommended every 3 to 4 months, or every 4,000 kilometres for your ute. Regardless, being proactive and doing a monthly oil check is the best practice. This will keep your engine from degrading before its time and give you consistent performance for an extended period.

You should similarly check your water and always carry some extra with you should you go for an extensive drive.

Other fluids to get checked regularly are: 

  • Washer & Brake Fluid 
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Radiator Coolant/ Antifreeze Fluid
  • Air Conditioning Coolant


Cleaning your car’s lights can serve you well when driving in heavy weather conditions. 

But these aren’t the only lights you should get checked regularly. Your car’s warning lights are just as, if not more important than your exterior lights. Your warning lights are the ones that tell you when there is something wrong with your HiLux, and you should never ignore them lightly. 

Neither should you ignore when one of them is not working correctly. Imagine the potential hazards of one of these lights not functioning and driving obliviously with a faulty part in your car. 


Especially off-road vehicles put incredible strain on their tyres. And even just on the tarmac, they receive the most wear and tear overall. 

Checking them regularly can prevent you from a sudden burst tyre in the middle of the road and helps your tyres maintain the grip necessary to get you through this hefty terrain. 

The wrong pressure can also seriously damage your wheels; make sure you search your manual for the correct pressure and check it regularly!

Getting your tyres rotated regularly is another thing on the maintenance to-do list. Your tyres never wear proportionately as there is always a different strain on the front compared to the back. 

To create a more even wear and tear, you should rotate your tyres regularly to avoid having to exchange one of them prematurely. If your tyres are all evenly driven in, your vehicle may drive more smoothly.

Concluding Points

These are just a few tips on maintaining your HiLux, as there are a plethora of items on the maintenance list you can tick off to look after your car correctly and to have it running for years and years to come. 

As with any utility device or vehicle, however, the most important thing to do is to handle it with care, keep it clean, and drive it mindfully. If you do these things, your HiLux will be getting you places for many years to come.


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