Top 5 Staffing Agencies in Seattle, WA


If you’re a firm looking to hire professionals and experts in Seattle, WA then you have landed at the right place. For any organisation to grow, the presence of a talented work pool is crucial. Only the right people with the right talent can take your business to new heights and only the right employment agency can help you employ them. 

If you still don’t find it relevant, ask yourself this question. The biggest asset of any firm is its employees but what if they turn out to be your company’s liability? It relies on who you employ, isn’t it? 

So, sit back and relax! And read through the article where we have listed some of the best staffing and temp agency in Seattle.

What Is A Staffing Agency?

An employment agency or staffing agency assists the companies in fulfilling their hiring requirements by keeping in mind the skills and experience required for that particular job. The ones who join the company through an employment agency are not employees of the company, rather they work as temporary workers. They get their salary and all other benefits from the staffing agency. 

Best Staffing Agencies In Seattle

1. Scion Staffing Seattle

Scion Staffing is an award-winning staffing agency based in Seattle that specializes in providing jobs to people in Finance, Accounting, IT and Management. 

Over the years Scion Staffing has built a strong reputation as a market leader in scouting the right talent and placing them in the best firms. Additionally, they have an exceptionally talented work pool of over 14,000,000 candidates. More on this as we forward in the article. 

Get in touch with them by giving them a call at:

(206) 686-1798

Or pay a visit to:

Scion Staffing

601 Union Street

Seattle, WA 98101

2. PACE Staffing Network

This is a woman-owned local temp agency that works towards recruiting people to fill the roles in human resources, customer service, administration and especially healthcare. 

3. Seattle Corporate Search

This staffing has services for both the employee and employer. Whether you are seeking the perfect job opportunity or a group of talented employees, Seattle Corporate search will assist you along the process.

Visit them at :

 2101 4th Avenue, 1970

Seattle, WA 98121

Official website:

4. Business Talent Solutions 

Working for direct hire placements since the early 1990s, Business Talent Solutions is dramatically experienced and they specialize in finding the right fit for the right positions, to do the right job. 

Contact them @+12066952104

Or pay a visit to:

520 Pike Street, 1245

Seattle, WA 98101

Official Website:

5. Opti Staffing Group

At Opti Staffing Group their motto is to put quality over quantity, and they believe in giving opportunities to a talented workforce. 

Contact them @+19076779675

Or pay a visit to :

1142 Broadway 

Tacoma, WA 98402

Official website:

How Scion Staffing Seattle Is A Leading Agency For Seattle And Great Washington State?

Temp agency Seattle can help you resolve problems and provide you with exceptional staffing solutions. 

Scion Staffing Seattle Can Help You With The Following Problems:

•    Scion staffing starts by assessing the workload and demands of the company.

•    Then it determines the workforce required for the completion of those duties.

•    Thereupon, it interviews and shortlists candidates to fulfil those needs. 

•    They also go through the candidate’s employment history and make an extra effort of doing a background check.

•    The best part of this Seattle temp agency’s  that it takes care of all the legal issues and draws a contract for both candidate and the firm.

•    It also looks after imparting training to the candidate. 

•    Regular follow-ups to know the performance of candidates and if their performance is not up to the mark, they make arrangements to terminate the candidate and compensate your firm.

Benefits Of Hiring Scion Staffing Seattle, WA

You may think that associating with staffing agency services only helps you fulfil temporary needs, but there are a lot more benefits of hiring a staffing agency. Read below to find out. 

1.    Staffing agencies like Scion Staffing are well-informed and trained to find the right talent for the right job. They follow substantiated strategies to get the best talent pool to work with them. They are superior in effectiveness and have the right technological tools and knowledge to facilitate hiring.  

2.    They always have a reserve workforce of professionals ready when you require more staff. They scout them by reaching out to online communities and hosting events, consequently always maintaining a talent pool.

3.    When you hire a staffing agency, you disseminate all your responsibilities during the hiring process to them. This way you can focus solely on your growth.


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