Top 5 Recommended Massage Oils Being Used for Relief


Messaging was never new to this world. Its tales are connected back to 5000 years ago. It is a complete therapy and cure for our body. According to in India, it was found that massage therapy existed in 3000 BCE properly practiced by Hindus to cure injuries and pain relief. It is still believed that a massage can restore the body to its natural phenomena to get healed by self.

Massage therapy was also practiced in ancient china about 2700 BCE, and later on, Egyptians had their unique techniques to cure a body in about 2500BCE. Later on, Chinese Buddhists brought these techniques to Japan in almost 1000BCE.

Massage therapy is still being practiced today, and it is a complete industry. Nowadays, there are many types of oils extracted from nature being used for massage therapy. Different oils carry different properties and benefits. These oils come in different packaging to preserve their natural formulas. There are few oil types we are going to mention here that are recommended by some professional therapists.

  1. Processed Coconut Oil
  2. Jojoba Oils
  3. Sunflower Seeds Extracted oil
  4. Almond Oils
  5. CBD Oils

These are the best naturally extracted oils recommended by the best therapists around the world. In addition, all of these oils come in an adequately customized packing to preserve their natural benefits and formation. However, CBD oil is more sensitive than other oils. That’s the reason CBD oils needed to be appropriately maintained, and they come with adequately designed CBD oil packaging.

1-Processed Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oils are pretty thick and sticky in their nature. That’s why coconut oil needed to be processed and is mixed in adequate quantity with some other oils. These oils are best for use in shorter massage timing and specifically best for muscle tension. In addition, coconut oils have the most extended expiry dates and can be used in the long term. This oil is stain-free and can easily be used for any kind of cloth because it washes out very quickly. This oil is very cost-effective for the pockets. If someone has a coconut allergy, then it is not recommended to use this oil for them. Otherwise, these oils carry no side effects at all.

2-Jojoba Oils

This oil is extracted from a shrub named Simmondsia Chinensis. This shrub is produced in Arizona, Mexico, and California. Seeds of these shrubs are processed to extract oil. These are the best kind of oils recommended mainly by professional therapists. Unlike many other greasy oils, jojoba oil is perfect to use for therapy. Skin feels smooth and conditioned by this oil. Absorption of this oil in the skin is relatively easy but needs a few repetitive massaging. This oil also has a long shelf life that means if you don’t like to massage regularly, it will sit longer than you think. This oil is generally used for aromatherapy and people apt for back acne. Jojoba oils are odorless and do not leave any smell or fragrance on the skin. This oil is used with some other oils; hence it is a little pricy than other oils.

3- Sunflower Seeds Oil

Sunflower is well known natural plant filled with many benefits. Sunflower oil is extracted from its seeds and used widely for many purposes. This oil is pretty light and leaves a very pleasant feel for the clients. In addition, sunflower oil is filled with fatty, palmitic, and stearic acids that are the main ingredients of healthy skin. The linoleic acid is washed up using soap, and sunflower oil complete this deficiency in the body. Unfortunately, this oil gets rotten pretty quickly. That’s why you should buy the minimum quantity and use it as early as possible. Store this oil in a dark and cool area to protect its beneficial chemicals. Therapists also suggest putting some vitamin E capsules to extend shelf life up to some extent. Sunflower allergic people cannot use this oil.

4- Almond Extract Oils

This pale-yellow oil is extracted from sweet almonds comes with a very pleasant fragrance. Therefore, it is one of the widely used in massaging industry. Almond extracted oil is a little slippery but absorbs pretty quickly in the skin by reapplying for few times. This oil creates no irritation to your skin, but it is a little pricy. You should use almond oil a little carefully because it leaves stains on the clothes. People allergic to almonds should not use these oils as well.

5-CBD Oils

This oil is most famous for its effects on the body. CBD oils are extracted from cannabis, but these are very safe to use. This oil is most liked for full-body massage to get your body relaxed. In addition, its ingredients are beneficial for stress release. That’s why CBD oil is most popular these days, and this oil fights well for skin itchiness, joints pain, and dryness.

CBD oils are best to relieve body and muscular pains. This Hemp oil is capable of reducing anxiety and all the depressions in mind. It’s seen that all cancer-related symptoms can be overcome from the body because this oil penetrates the body very quickly. Acne is very teasing; sometimes, using this oil can rapidly remove acne from the body.

This oil has antipsychotic effects so that mental relaxation might bring your mind to peace; hence psychotic effects can be overcome very rapidly. In addition, CBD oil leaves no stain on the clothes and soaks up pretty rapidly.

Final Words

All these oils are very beneficial for body massage; some are fragranced, and some are stain-free. Packing these oils in a rigid box help a lot to preserve its benefits and get spoiled from sunlight and other environmental damages. Many good massage oil-making companies deliver their products in glass bottles and relatively rigid customized boxes to safeguard them from damages.

Good packaging is necessary to preserve massage oil benefits, especially CBD oils, that are essential to be stored in suitable packaging to preserve its great benefits. US CBD Boxes provides perfect designs and marvelous packaging solutions for hemp oil packaging. In addition, their quality assurance department for the packaging ensures to safeguard CBD oil benefits by delivering the best-customized packaging experience for your product. Visit their website for exciting and rigid packaging solutions for your CBD oil business.


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