series Land Rover restoration

Selecting a Core Vehicle

To begin, we will require a restoration candidate. The series Land Rover restoration has already been determined to be suitable for a full restoration; simply choose a colour and options, and we will begin your restoration as soon as the next available time slot becomes available. You could already have a Land Rover that you want to restore. If this is the case, we must assess its condition and suitability for restoration. If the vehicle’s key components are in poor condition, we may suggest a different vehicle for the restoration.

Spec Sheet

Following that, we will create a spec sheet, which is a detailed list of what will go into building your Land Rover, and we will estimate the cost of the project. After that, we will request a $20,000 deposit and sign the project agreement. A restoration will take approximately one year to complete; we will divide the project cost into 12 monthly payments and invoice you at the end of each month. Invoices can be paid with a credit card, by direct deposit, or by check.

Shop History and Performance

How long has the shop been open? If you’re putting down a deposit and your Defender is about to be disassembled, you want to make sure they’ll be there to finish the job. Is the shop staff familiar with Defender restorations, or are you being used as a guinea pig for someone who recently quit their office job with the goal of opening or working in a Defender shop? At the 4×4 Center, we’ve been restoring Land Rovers for over two decades, and we have lifelong customers from all over the world who choose us for our quality work and exceptional service.

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Is the shop you’re thinking of visiting equipped with a restoration team? Is it a one-man operation where the mechanic spends more time looking for parts than working on your Defender? Will, on the other hand, your project be used to fill in when the shop is busy? At the 4×4 Center, we have a dedicated and experienced staff that will finish your restoration project correctly.

Is the shop you’re thinking about building a Defender that will last, or are they just making something that will look good for a short time? Do they have the necessary knowledge and materials to make it last? Since 1994, The 4×4 Center has been restoring Land Rovers. We’ve gained a wealth of experience and contacts during that time. We know what it takes to build a Defender that has far more corrosion resistance than when it rolled off the production line in Solihull, because we are based in the Northeast, where salt is dumped on the roads in large quantities. Our Land Rover Restoration experience and attention to detail ensure that you will receive a restored vehicle that will function as if it were new and will provide years of enjoyment.

Time to Turn Around

Restoration shops like are notorious for being black holes where vehicles disappear for years at a time. We work very hard at the 4×4 Center to keep timelines reasonable. When your Defender arrives, car servicing Bracknell do best to evaluate it and contact you within two weeks for a preliminary discussion about cost and timelines. Depending on our backlog and what you want done to the Defender, we hope to begin work on the project within four months of receiving your vehicle.


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