Super Five Free Filebot Alternative You Would Love To Use


A filebot is an application or a tool that organizes and manages the video files and renames TV files, anime, and movies. The best thing for trying a filebot is, this software provides amazing results when it comes to fetching the subtitles, also it provides all the subtitles of the downloaded films and tv shows. The only disadvantage a filebot has is that it is available in a paid version. But no worries, we have got some amazing filebot alternatives for you. This works the same as well as gives a fee service throughout your year. Ain’t it too exciting. 

Filebot is no doubt a popular renamer and a media coordinator but not the only one. There is much similar softwares available in the market, which gives free service if you are not in the mood to pay $20 for filebot, we got free software for you.

Best 5 Alternatives Of Filebot You Must Try

Filebot is very easily accessible in windows, mac and Linux for renaming tv shows, anime and downloading subtitles. Similarly, here are some of the articles which work similar, but have different names. scroll to choose your best alternatives of file bot.


 Tv reame can be preferred as a good yet decent option in substitute for the file or. As per The Next Hint’s report, this application does not support any other desktop except Windows7 or higher variants of windows. It also helps you to know more about the data like when the show will be on tv next. This application becomes more interesting when it catches names from the TVDB.


 This tool is used to control movies. This tool works well in VHS tapes as well, for using ant renamed, but only if you have your movies on DVD or CD format. It also modifies and organizes games and videos. 


If you are looking for an alternative to filebot, in particular for anime. This can be a good option for you. This file management tool is only considered for anime. It compares the file name against the centralized AniDB database to correct the file name for the anime and manages the anime files. 


 This is a java media management player tool that particularly works with the support of Plex and Kodi. However, don’t fall into a trap with the name of the tool, this tool may sound tiny but its system works well. It manually edits the data, gets trailers from HD trailers, pulls out tv shows posters, logos, screenshots and movies from various sources like fanart tv and movie DB., manually edit the metadata, download subtitles  and the list goes on.


 With-it , you can rename multiple files multiple times. Therefore, this is a good option if you are looking for alternatives. This works basically on older versions of computers like Windows 95,98, NT,2000, VISTA, XP and ME. From this you have already makeout this is an old software so there might be several bugs and issues. Nevertheless, if you are working on windows 95,98 then there is no better option than this.


We have mentioned the 5 best filebot alternatives in front of. They are easy to use, free of cost and do almost everything that you expect from the paid version. It renames the files which are ugly and broken and make them fresh and new.


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