Steps To Resolve QuickBooks Script Error


New technology is being invented on a daily basis in this digital era. Isn’t it time for businesses to benefit from it too? Quickbooks is an accounting software developed by Intuit, a prominent American software development company, designed to help small and medium-sized companies with their accounting needs. A single software package that includes a variety of features for maintaining accounting activities and bookkeeping procedures. Quickbooks is regarded as one of the most appealing and demanding software packages of this generation. 

The script error is often a cause of the delay in a work procedure as it occurs often in the system. On this particular page, there was a script error, in which QB users must deal with this issue. Script errors generally occur when a software issue prevents the command from being successfully executed. The purpose of this post is to explain in detail what is causing this error and help you to fix it. 

What is a Quickbooks Script Error? 

Only one problem exists without any explanation, and that is the script error. Your users are unable to detect the problem due to its discrete nature, which hides it from view. Neither the system nor a message box indicates that a script error has occurred, nor can the error be rectified using the error message box.

The Quickbooks desktop on the system will not open in Internet Explorer if a user attempts to access the web pages from the Quickbooks desktop through the browser. This issue was discovered as a script error within Quickbooks. 

Why QuickBooks Script Error Occurs?

There are many reasons that support the arouse of Quickbooks script error within the system. Some of them are listed here. 

  • An error occurs if the user attempts to import a deal from an account that does not exist or which was created before the import.
  • A user receives this error when attempting to import a bill or invoice that does not match account dues or available assets.
  • When the user attempts to access Quickbooks using a name and account that already exists in the system, a script error will occur.
  • The system will display the error if there are any malware issues.
  • The user will receive a script error if the active X component has been corrupted or broken.
  • Whenever a person accesses any website, they encounter an infrequent error.
  • Script processing functions get disabled when they are inhibited.

How To Recognise QuickBooks Script Error?

To recognize the script error in Quickbooks you have to keep a few points in mind that are explained below. 

  • During the process of entering bank feeds from the online bank website, an error message appears.
  • This causes the loading process to time out.
  • The Internet is performing slowly.
  • When you input data with your keyboard or mouse, your computer responds slowly.
  • QBO Internet Explorer is refusing to log me in due to a script error.
  • There will be an error message and you will be asked to choose whether the script should be run or canceled.
  • Unable to log in because of a window block.

How To Fix QuickBooks Script Error?

The below-written methods help you to get rid of this unsusceptible error. If the below-written methods could not help to fix this error, you must download the Quickbooks Tool hub, to use its different tools created by intuit to resolve this error in no time. 

1: Add Intuit as a Trusted Site

  • Select the Gear icon in Internet Explorer
  • Navigate to the Security tab from the Tools menu in your browser.
  • Then click on the trusted site and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Add the domain to this zone by typing it in the area field and pressing the Add button.
  • Continue the same process at
  • By clicking the Close button, you will close the Trusted sites window.
  • Once you’ve completed these steps, scroll down to the miscellaneous section and select the custom level.
  • A window will appear asking you to allow cross-domain requests. Click OK.
  • Hit the OK button here
  • Reboot your system once you have completed the above steps.

2: Check Internet Explorer Settings

  • The first step is to open Internet Explorer by clicking the Tools menu.
  • Select Internet from the Internet option.
  • You can now choose from the program choices in the new section.
  • You will now see the Add-ons tab, which is also the Manager tab. You should select that.
  • To disable add-ons, you must click OK and pick the option.


Hopefully, you liked the article explained above. We tried our best to explain every bit of Quickbooks script error. In this post, we cover every aspect related to this error such as the factors behind the error and the symptoms that signify the error. If you are willing to resolve this error, apply the above-explained solutions to your system exactly the same as explained in this post.  


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