Six types of science laboratory supplies


Australia is one of the best destinations for science students as they gain a lot of knowledge and get tremendous job opportunities. The average salary of a science lab scientist in the country is 82274 dollars annually, or 42.19 every hour. In Australia, there are over 2000 labs. So, if you are going to set up one or join one as a scientist, it is a must to know the different science supplies in Australia. Have several of them, and you must get them all for your research or to perform scientific experiments. This article can help you learn about the wide range of science lab supplies. 


Centrifuges are devices that use the force of gravity to separate particles. The simplest centrifuge consists of a container with a bottom, sides and lid. As you spin the object faster and faster, it’ll become more compacted into smaller pieces until all that is left is its original shape (a cube). It is used in many industries to speed up oil production and food processing. Moreover, it is also crucial for separating radioactive isotopes.

Balance scales

A balance scale is an instrument that measures mass by weighing it with a large spring-loaded pan balanced on top of it. The pan can hold large amounts of material, such as coins or sand, so you can easily determine the net mass (the difference between what was put into the pan and what came out). These scales are often called either steelyards or balances because they use steel pans that weigh metals such as gold or silver.

Flow meters

Flow meters are used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries to measure the flow rate of a liquid in a pipe.


Incubators are used to maintain the temperature of the culture medium. They can be heated, cooled or have a constant temperature, and they can even combine these features. Incubators are generally categorised by their purpose. For instance, freezer incubators are designed for freezing samples; they do not need to maintain a high temperature because they’re cooled by refrigeration outside the freezer (usually with an external compressor). These incubators are often single-use only since there’s no need for frequent cleaning or maintenance before reuse.

Data loggers

Data logging devices are also known as digital data loggers and can record changes in parameters over time. A typical data logger has inputs for analog or digital voltage levels (in volts), current (in amps) and a serial interface that lets you connect it to other devices such as computers or phones. They can be used to record the time something happens or the temperature of a liquid in a test tube. Sometimes they will also be able to tell you when it has been there for several minutes and how fast it is changing between those times.

Magnetic stirrers

A magnetic stirrer is a powerful magnet attached to a long stick that can be used with a high-speed blender. The magnetic stirrer works by causing the liquid ingredients to swirl around and mix more effectively. The poles of the stirrer are always facing each other. It means you can use your magnetic stirrer to make any magnetic field you want. Even if you turn a stick upside down, its poles will still be aligned with each other and thus create an external magnetic field. The ends of the stirrer are flat, so it doesn’t get in the way when blending. Also, it’s easy to clean and store.

You can easily avail of science supplies in Australia from different online stores. Such equipment will come in handy for your research and scientific experiments. 


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