Sell your home without a realtor! (2022 Updates!)

Sell your home without a realtor! (2022 Updates!)

Have you finalized your review on selling a house without a real estate agent and wish to go the FSBO way? Marketing a home without traditional realtors’ assistance can help you save an absolute 6% on total sales costs.

Data state that selling a home by owner tends to market faster in less than two weeks. The fact would have astonished you and made you confident in your decision to sell your home

With that said, you might wonder “how to sell your house without a realtor (2022)“. Obviously, as an inexperienced seller, your mind would raise many queries like “how to sell your house without a realtor (2022) or what will be the gain” and every possible question.

To be precise, every deal goes through a process, and every decision needs time. Hence, “how to sell your house without a realtor (2022)” needs patience and better learning about the method, and don’t regret it later. 

How To Sell Your House Without A Realtor (2022)

To start with, selling a house without a realtor requires a time investment, market analysis, responsibility, and more. So before you head to the real estate market condition and research prospects, be ready to take up the responsibilities and challenges, you’ll have to go through as an amateur seller. 

In most cases for sale by proprietors, many end up in a lousy deal and take a cost that doesn’t match their property’s market worth for many reasons. A home sale requires attention and care, a trending marketing strategy, FSBO signs, property evaluation, a real estate attorney’s presence, and more. 

But when a seller fails to meet these requirements, by default, their house value drops down in the eye of the house buyer. The view that connects buyers’ minds is unfavorable.

Hence, FSBO sellers must impress a buyer online so that they would consider visiting your house in person. Well, online because the world has digitized and consumers are attracted to one-click details. So, you’ll have to advertise your sale on social media platforms and MLS listings. 

Why Is MLS Listing Important?

MLS Listing is a collective use by home sellers and local real estate agents to work with buyers on the market. The MLS or Multiple Listing Service is an online database or marketplace of homes for sale. MLS is operated and managed by state-licensed real estate brokers and affiliated professionals. It includes all the information about the seller’s property and other details. 

MLS listing is a significant and in-trend factor that assures maximum saving and conceivable buyers. As said, only realtors and other real estate professionals can access MLS; you can still list on MLS without a realtor without any hefty commission charges.

List With FSBO Site: Company Rankings and Reviews

Houzeo is America’s leading FSBO site, best known for its affordable flat fee MLS listing service. The platform is tech-focused, providing sellers access to tools only real estate agents have. The company was founded by Amit Dhameja in 2017 and has been a promising flat fee MLS listing platform delivering nationwide coverage. You can check out Houzeo reviews to know more about them.

What are Houzeo’s plans?

The company operates on affordable flat fee MLS listing packages that help you save thousands on realtors commission combined with high-tech services, 5-star customer rating, and more. 

Bronze Packaging – $299: Best for bulk sales. Your listings are syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Redfin, and more.

Wallet – $349: This includes everything competitors like charge for $399. Plus, you can make unlimited changes to your listings.

Gold Package – $429: This is Houzeo’s signature package that includes all of Houzeo’s famous technologies.

Platinum Package – $999+: It includes the assistance of a licensed broker to help you negotiate, disclose and close.

Houzeo’s Famous Technologies And Features

IntelliList Listing Management System: Make your home listing easy and request changes online quickly!

Houzeo Offers: This allows you to view and compare deals online. You can even counter offers or ask for the highest and best recommendations.

Houzeo Showings: This newly introduced feature allows you to manage display requests from buyers and buyers’ agents easily!

Settlement Agent Selection: You can now choose a billing agent online! Even invite proxies who are not yet on the platform.

Custom Yard Signs: Houzeo offers custom “for sale” yard signs to maximize exposure. It sells for $49 and comes with a free selfie!

Houzeo Hidden Fees

Hidden fees are one of the seller’s significant concerns when selling a house with FSBO sites. But with Houzeo, you can be carefree about ‘Houzeo Hidden fees‘ because the platform charges zero hidden fees and discloses every detail after you sign up with them. Unlike many flat fee MLS listing companies, is the best and most credible platform in the United States of America. 

We highly recommend sellers’ like you to get the best for yourself and make full use of it. Your suggestion is the Gold Plan. This particular plan makes things easy and accessible with just one click. Here you will be managing presentations and can negotiate bids simply. 

Final Words

We believe that your worry about “how to sell your house without a realtor (2022)” has received a suitable answer. However, selling a house as an owner is equally stressful if not done correctly. Like every process requires detailed configuration, a house sale should be marketed considering your situation and home location. 

As a seller, if you don’t find yourself in the proper position to sell the FSBO way, then you should not. Don’t get carried away by the total home sales gain; stick to what’s suitable for you. As per the real estate report, only 7% of home sales are contributed by the FSBO method. 

Moreover, some sellers get scammed by companies who make the best promises but deliver hardly anything. Hence, selling with Houzeo is the best option as there are no houzeo hidden fees with accurate listing and service. Our aim is only to help you get on the right path when taking the difficult decision of selling a house. 


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