Here I want to introduce you new video course about Laser machine software Rdworks.

If you are using a Chinese laser machine probably you are using one of the 2 most popular software LaserCut and Rdworks. I already have a video course about LaserCut 5.3 that you can find on Courses
Now I decided to create this video course about Rdworks to help new beginner manage their laser machine more professionally.

Below you can see a list of the tutorials that you’ll learn from this video course.

In this video course about Rdworks / RDcam and Chinese laser machine, you’ll learn.

Interface review
System settings
Drawing tools
Working with text
Node editing tool
Scanning and drawing
Transform panel
Cutting point and direction
Curve smoothing
Working with images
Cut in / Cut out
Cutting direction and processing sequence
Cutting optimization
Layers and Modes
Advanced cutting configuration
Advanced engrave configuration
Dot mode configuration
Advance settings of Right panel
Advance settings of Right panel part 2
How to manage Laser machines and solve problems
I started from zero like you opened this software first time.

We’ll begin from the start and step by step you’ll learn how to work with software and manage laser machine
In all tutorials, I’ll break down how every feature works and for what you can use it. All tools are recorded with practical examples and that’s why you’ll be able to easily understand how they are working.

In this course, you’ll now only learn how to work with this software. You’ll also learn how to work with the laser machine. You’ll learn what kind of problems you can meet and how to solve them.

To whom this course will be useful?
If you are happy to owner a Chinese laser machine and want to learn how to manage it effectively.

If you want to understand the way how all the wide range of tools works and how they can be used.

If you want to learn how in a fast and easy way manage Laser machines to grow your small business.

If you want to prove your employer that you are professional in your work

Then this course is for you.

What is the opportunity of this course?
This course is a unique course about Rd works / RDcam and Laser machine. As you can’t find any other course about this theme.

You’ll get lifetime access to this course that is making this course more valuable as when you’ll forget something you’ll be able to come back and watch all videos again.

You’ll get information based on real work experience.


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