Petrol, diesel prices remains stable in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai – 31 May 2020


Petroleum and diesel costs on 31 May 2020: With raw petroleum costs kept on being steady around $52 a barrel, petroleum and diesel costs were seen no adjustment in rates throughout the previous two months. Be that as it may, the fuel organizations are supporting up to climb Rs. ₹4-5 for every liter petroleum and diesel one month from now with open part oil promoting organizations are preparing for day by day value correction on peteol and diesel. Nonetheless, passing by the petroleum and diesel costs for the day in four significant focuses, here are the rates.

In Hyderabad, petroleum is currently sold at ₹73.97 and diesel at ₹67.82. While in Delhi, a liter of petroleum cost is at ₹71.26 per liter and diesel cost at ₹69,39 per liter. In Mumbai, petroleum is selling at ₹76.31per liter and diesel at ₹66.21 per liter. In Chennai, petroleum cost per liter will cost ₹75,66 per liter while diesel costs is at ₹68.33 per liter.

The petroleum and diesel costs referenced above are expected at 8 in the first part of the day and oil organizations reconsider the petroleum and diesel costs based on raw petroleum costs in the worldwide market. Against this scenery, costs are exposed to change consistently.

City Petrol cost per liter Diesel cost per liter

Hyderabad Rs. 73.97 Rs. 67.82

Delhi Rs. 71.26 Rs. 69.39

Chennai Rs. 75.66 Rs. 68.33

Mumbai Ra. 76.31 Rs. 66.21


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