Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses: 4 Ways To Master The Trend


Destroy those matching bridesmaid “uniforms” now! All the women are elegant and stylish! Additionally, there are various body shapes, distinct stylistic preferences, a variety of budgets, and distinct characteristics. There’s a purpose why mismatched bridesmaid dress is increasingly becoming the standard.

You can choose their style and comfort to look the best for your big day. 

By relieving them of the burden of selecting a dress that everyone would like, you give them back their control. Everybody will come out looking their finest, which is motivating enough to dance the night away.

Continue reading for suggestions on how to combine mismatched bridesmaid dresses!

  1. Collect the viewpoints of the bridesmaids 

 You might grow to detest asking people for their thoughts, but you can always take some inspiration. Though the final choice is entirely up to you, the bridesmaids may also have preferences for certain tones and fashion trends that might provide a framework for your ideas. 

Make a mood board of several dress designs, collect material swatches, and discover a variety of colours that everybody likes. If you want, you can take them to the store too. 

  1.  Make sure the dresses are connected in some way

Many would advise you to stay close to the customs and originality of bridesmaids wearing identical gowns that look like a uniform. The elegance and minimalism of the gowns can also be enhanced by mismatching the colours rather than the styles to produce a unified image. 

Nevertheless, mismatched dresses could still look really good once there is a single component that unifies all the dresses. 

Some state that only two styles or features can differ. When there is at least one thing common in tone or form consistency, different styles and textures can look good with each other. The bride choosing a light colour palette, like pink or wine, is a fantastic example. When everything comes along, your party will appear magical and truly lovely.

  1.  Inspiration for design and pattern

Since you have some colour and fashion tips, it’s time to be creative. Choose several sizes that fit the demands of the bridesmaids you’ve chosen and that match their personalities and sense of fashion. The classic fabric for bridesmaid dresses is chiffon, which looks stunning in fitted and flowy styles. 

If any of the bridesmaids desire to feel cosier and much comfier, chiffon might be coupled with lace. Be mindful when using lace, though; it should be classy and refined rather than looking like a tablecloth.

  1. Maintain the same dress length and specific details

The wedding can still appear cohesive even though not every lady wears the exact same bride maids dress by keeping the length of the dresses equal. What about clothing—should they stay away from silk or tulle? Do motifs work? 

Provide the bridesmaids with some insight into your preferences, both good and bad.

  1. Ending thoughts

If you’re not trying for pure multicoloured vibes, it’s essential that your idea have a theme or driving idea. You could have 6 ladies and wish to have pairings of two different hues. Whatever the case, keep your vision under check. 

To achieve this, provide your girls alternatives of 5 to 10 outfits to pick from the colour groups you want, or provide samples or colour groups with them. By doing so, you give them some amount of independence of choice while ensuring that the gowns will fulfil your expectations for the wedding.


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