McAfee vs Norton: which antivirus is better?


With the increasing technology, the cyber threat has also increased. Therefore, it is suggested to use an antivirus on the system or mobile. When it comes to antivirus, there are two major brands that you will come across Norton and McAfee. Both offer some great features to the users and makes it difficult for you to choose the one. In case you are also looking for a new antivirus for your system, check out this McAfee vs Norton comparison to decide which one is better for you. 

Quick Summary

Before we explain to you the difference between Norton and McAfee in detail, here is a summary of what this software provides you. Check out the features provided below. 


  • Wifi network security
  • Identify theft prevention
  • Vulnerability scanner
  • System optimization tool
  • File shredder
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days


  • Secure VPN
  • LifeLock protection
  • Money-back guarantee for 60 days
  • Cloud storage up to 50 GB
  • Dark web monitoring

Company Background

Norton 360 Deluxe

Symantec has started the era of developing antivirus. The company started in 1989 and developed its first antivirus: Symantec antivirus for Macintosh. This software was used to identify and get rid of the viruses on Mac. Later on, the same antivirus was developed for DOS. In 1991, Symantec acquired Norton and then developed Norton Antivirus. Since then, new products are being launched with new features. 


This firm was developed in 1987 and has been through a lot of ups and downs. The company is named after its owner. It is one of the day leading firms in producing complete security software for your system. You can check out all the McAfee products on and also, know in detail about those products. 

McAfee Vs Norton: Performance Impact

The next important criteria that we are going to discuss is the impact of the software on the performance of the system. Check out our experience below. 

We scanned our system with these antiviruses and noted the time it takes to complete the process. With this, we were able to analyse how our system works while the scanning process is going on. 

When it comes to Norton, it takes 115 minutes to complete the full scan. Though it took less time, the speed of the system also dropped at a certain level. 

Other than this, when we talk about McAfee, it takes 230 minutes to complete the scan. It took more time but also performed in less CPU utilization. 

We carried out some basic activities on the system while scanning and McAfee surely turned out to perform great. It utilized less memory than Norton. 

McAfee Vs Norton: User Interface

Now, the software can be great to use but it also should have an easy to use user interface. When it comes to using this software, both of them have a simple interface that anyone can use. But, still which one is easier? 

In our opinion, McAfee was much easier to use because it has a very minimalistic user interface. Not everything is presented to you at the same time to confuse you especially when you are using it for the first time. You can surely easily go through the dashboard. Other than this, to activate the antivirus on the system, visit and you will be good to go 

When it comes to Norton, you get a single dashboard and there are four blocks provided for different functions. What we felt was off about it is that whenever there is any change in the software, it prompts as a warning. 

McAfee vs Norton: Pricing

Another factor that we have considered is the pricing. There is not much difference in the pricing of these antiviruses. Both the antivirus come up with 4 pricing plans depending upon the features and use. 

For McAfee, the single device product costs you 34.99$, the 2 device product will cost you 39.99$. For advanced ones, you will have to pay 44.99 for the family one and 109.99$ for the ultimate one. 

When it comes to Norton, you will have to pay 39.99$ for Norton 360 standard and 49.99$ for deluxe. For Norton 360 with LifeLock protection, you need to pay 99.48$ and 299.88 for Norton 360 with LifeLock protection ultimate plus. 

On an overall basis, the features provided by both are similar but McAfee is cheaper. So, you can choose according to your budget. 

McAfee Vs Norton: Customer Support

Considering the customer support, both the companies have performed great. 

For Norton support, you get different options to connect with the support team like chat, live chat, or call. You can also contact them on their social media handles. 

When it comes to McAfee, they may not have the live chat feature, but they are available 24×7. They will help you in activation, billing, windows, mac and everything. 

So, no matter which product you are going to choose, you will get good customer support to get your queries resolved. Both are available 24×7 for you. 

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Winding Up

So, this was a brief comparison between Mcafee and Norton antivirus software. To know more about these, you can also reach out to their respective official websites. 

You need to choose the product for your system according to the requirements if you are considering the price, you may want to go for McAfee but if you are looking for advanced features, you may choose Norton. Other than this, the system performance impact of McAfee was less than Norton but the time taken to complete the process is much more.


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