Jeannie Mai Ex Husband IG – Discover Her Life History!


Is it accurate to say that you are eager to know the moving news about Jeannie Mai Ex Husband IG? Check this post and know the current updates in a couple’s life.

Jeannie Mai is a famous TV character, cosmetics craftsman and design beautician. She has an immense fan following from the United States and Canada, as she is one of the most incredible makeover specialists who work for makeover shows “how would I look?” and “The Real.”

Because of her fabulous trendy abilities, she is oftentimes highlighted on TV and media. As of late, the news identified with her previous spouse is getting viral via web-based media with the feature “Jeannie Mai Ex Husband IG.” So, let us see what’s going on with this news.

What’s the information?

Jeannie’s ex “Freddy Harteis” has now turned into a family man. As of late, his image with two children has been getting out the word over the media, and their fans are showing distinct fascination for it.

He has one girl and a child from his present sweetheart, Toole. On his Instagram page, he shares his image and gets a huge number of preferences and love.

In his image, it obviously appears to be that he is partaking in his parenthood while spouting with his children. On the right side, she held her cute girl and on the left was his child, who looked excessively youthful and adorable.

While investigating Jeannie Mai Ex Husband IG page, we discovered he likewise shared his family picture in which all were spruced up for Easter day. What’s more, his little girl, Emersyn conceived soon after his Divorce from his ex Jeannie Mai.

When Jeannie Mai and Harteis got Divorce?

Following ten years of marriage, they isolated their methodologies and got separated lawfully. From the sources, the justification for breaking their relationship is the two of them have distinctive contradicting sees about family and what it ought to be.

Jeannie partook in her meeting that she made it clear to Harteis that she didn’t need kids, yet Harteis needed, and this separated our methodologies, and we continued on.

Jeannie Mai Ex Husband IG lawful partition

While taking a gander at their past pictures, both were frantically enamored with one another. Tragically, their relationship didn’t work and finished in a monstrous turn. There were a great deal of settlements to finish, which were good for both. In this way, in division, Jeannie gets a $1 million home in California and alongside a few financial balances.

Both exes continued on with their new loves of life. Jeannie as of late got hitched to Jeezy. Jeannie is likewise anticipating her first kid with Jeezy. Furthermore, Jeannie Mai Ex Husband IG is likewise carrying on with a glad existence with his children and family. Along these lines, this was the entire story.

In case you are intrigued to think about Jeannie Mai and Jeezy’s romantic tale, click here.

The Bottom Line

The information on Jeannie expecting her first kid is overwhelming the web, and individuals are discussing her past relationship with Harteis. Old journals are getting open, as both are continued on and partaking in their existence with family and children.

According to individuals magazine, Jeannie separated after the Divorce. Fortunately, she discovers love again in Jeezy. Additionally, the Jeannie Mai Ex Husband IG pictures uncover he is likewise glad in his life and continued on.


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