Interesting Facts You Must Know About Bi-Fold and Tilt Turn Windows

Bi-Fold and Tilt Turn Windows

If you have a beautiful city view or simply a beautiful outside landscape, a set of stunning windows can enhance the experience. Even if that is not the case, windows add a unique aesthetic value to the space and provide many functional benefits. 

For instance, aluminium window designs can radically change the aesthetics of your house— they are modern, sleek, and versatile, offering several other advantages. You may not be aware that tilt and turn windows are often referred to as monsoon windows for their unique ability to maintain air circulation even during heavy rainfall. These windows can be placed in a tilted position during the rainfall, meaning you can enjoy the wonderful breeze of fresh monsoon air without inviting the water indoors.

Bi-Fold Windows

Bi-fold windows integrate several panels, ranging from two to eight. They stack concertina style to either side of the space. 

Links the Indoor Rooms and Outdoor Living Spaces 

Installing bi-fold windows and doors can adjoin the indoor rooms with the outdoor environment. These doors can be stacked aside to one side, which can help you enjoy natural air and sunlight. You can enjoy these benefits even when the doors are closed, as the doors sport an isometric design with minimal sightlines and sleek frames. 

Aesthetic Internal Dividers 

Integrating bi-fold doors internally as a divider is a terrific approach to separate a huge room into two smaller rooms without letting them appear confined. These doors are installed with EPDM gaskets at interlocks and utilise silicone sealants at the corner joints to minimise noise transmission. So, let’s say you are planning to create a designated office area for working from home; these soundproof doors can help without hampering the aesthetic value of your home. 

Makes the Most of a Lovely Bedroom Vista

Bi-fold windows allow the homeowners to make the most of the scenic scenery. These elegant windows can be used in a variety of ways— you can take down a whole wall to soak up the sun and refreshing breeze when the weather is nice, and when it isn’t, you’ll be enjoying an excellent view. This feat is only achievable with aluminium bi-fold doors. They are tested in a JIS controlled environment to test air tightness, water tightness, dust resistance, wind pressure resistance, and more. 

Tilt & Turn Windows

Unique Performance That Withstands Even The Harshest Weather

Tilt and turn windows work in two ways— turning the handle slightly to tilt the window inwards at the top & turning the handle further to open the windows fully. When the window tilts inwards at the top, it brings in a refreshing breeze that circulates the air indoors. And when the windows are fully open, it allows maximum aeration. As outlined above, these windows are ideal for areas receiving higher rainfall. These include other areas as well. Tilt and turn windows require minimal maintenance, and if they are TEXGUARD coated, which prevents dust accumulation, you will only require a cloth to wipe clean the glass area. Also, the windows will not lose colour for at least 40 years. 

Highly Secure Locking System

Tilt and turn windows have an elaborate crescent locking system, which is more potent than a standard push lock. Also, you can leave these windows open in a tilted position overnight without worrying about their security. This is also why tilt and turn windows are ideal bedrooms. 

Equipped with Latest Features Adaptable to the Changing Weather

A change in weather can cause windows to no longer function properly as they should. Since these windows undergo anodisation and TEXGUARD coating, the chances of damage through moisture, heat, corrosion are minimal. 


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