If You Enjoy Binge-Watching, Here Are the 5 Best Cable TV Plans


Do you love binge-watching TV shows? Considering how committed most of you are to your jobs throughout the week, one hardly gets time to watch an episode when it comes out midweek. This is probably why most entertainment enthusiasts prefer watching their favorite TV shows in one go.

But what are the best cable TV plans for binge-watching? There are numerous benefits of watching TV shows in one go. One of the most significant benefits is that you don’t have to purchase monthly subscriptions and save tons of money.

On top of that, you can take advantage of various cable TV plans, including the AT&T U Verse that offer added subscriptions to various OTT platforms. So, if you are looking for the best cable TV plans for binge-watching, continue reading to find out.

3 Reasons You Should Stick to Cable TV Plans

If you have been thinking about buying new streaming subscriptions, there are still plenty of reasons why cable TV should remain the top consideration.

Cable TV plans have various advantages and disadvantages. For some people, the cost is a big concern which pushes them to pull the plug. But some people stick to cable TV plans because they get great offers through subscription bundles, which is why we recommend you look for these plans.

We will discuss some of these top cable TV bundles as well. One incredible offer that we came across was the AT&T U Verse packages. They are incredibly affordable and offer outstanding features and access to OTT platforms, making these packages worth buying.

Other than that, here are our top three reasons you should stick to cable TV plans.

  1. 24/7 Access to Live Sports

Netflix and HBO Max are great, but what if you want to watch the Super Bowl or Hockey live on TV? If you are a sports fan, you want direct access to a satellite or cable TV channel to enjoy your favorite sports live.

Of course, you can watch highlights on YouTube or watch the game on a free platform once it is over. But nothing beats the thrill of enjoying a Fifa or World Cup match live. So, live streaming is also available, but you will have to depend on your internet.

So, cable TV plans are great if you want to enjoy sports live.

  1. On-Demand Movies & TV Shows

If you are looking for high-end OTT subscriptions because they offer on-demand movies and TV shows, then this is another reason why you should stick to a cable TV plan.

If you can find the perfect TV bundle for yourself, you can enjoy on-demand movies and TV shows without breaking your bank account. Most of the latest cable providers offer on-demand content where and whenever you need it.

You can also go for the pay-per-view option if you want to watch movies that aren’t yet available on streaming platforms and enjoy exclusive access to the latest content.

  1. No Relying on the Internet

If you’re watching your favorite TV shows and movies via streaming services, you rely greatly on your internet for the experience. Unfortunately, this means anytime your internet slows down or disconnects, you will lose access to the streaming platform.

However, with a cable TV plan, you will have to rely on something other than the internet. As a result, you will be okay with peak web traffic hours and will continue to enjoy watching your favorite shows anytime you want.

Top 5 AT&T Cable TV Packages You Should Consider for Binge-Watching

Let’s discuss some of the best cable TV plans you can purchase in 2022 for binge-watching your favorite TV shows.

  1. AT&T U-verse TV U-Family

The first TV cable plan that you can consider by AT&T is the U-Family plan that offers a subscription to over 200 channels with access to HBO and Cinemax for three months without added cost.

The bundle will cost $35 per month, which includes monthly equipment and service fees for an HD DVR. This package is worth considering if you’re looking for a single-play option.

  1. AT&T U-verse TV U200

This package may work if 200 channels aren’t enough and you want to expand your horizon. It includes more than 360 channels and applications along with three months of access to HBO and Cinemax without added cost.

The package will cost you around $55, including monthly and HD DVR service fees.

  1. AT&T U-verse TV U300

Another cable TV bundle you can subscribe to is the AT&T U-verse TV U300, which includes more than 470 channels and apps. In addition, you can enjoy various TV shows and movies whenever you wish at a minimal charge of $60.

The fees include monthly equipment and service charges for HD DVR. Not to mention, you get access to HBO and Cinemax for 3 months at no extra cost.

  1. AT&T U-verse TV U-Family + Internet 100

This package includes more than 200 channels, but this bundle also provides 100Mbps internet.

It costs around $75 per month, comprising monthly equipment and service fees for an HD DVR. You also get access to HBO and Cinemax for the same amount. Plus, the internet speed in this package is 100Mbps which means you can access more than five devices.

You don’t have to purchase a Wi-Fi router separately and also get access to the AT&T management application to handle your home Wi-Fi system.

  1. AT&T U-verse TV U-200 + Internet 100

Lastly, this package is similar to the second bundle we suggested. It includes more than 360 channels and apps but comes with a Wi-Fi system.

It costs around $95 per month, including the monthly equipment and service fees for an HD DVR. You get access to HBO and Cinemax with no extra charge for 3 months. Plus, the internet speed in this package is 100Mbps so you can connect to five devices simultaneously.

The Wi-Fi router is also included in the package, and so is the AT&T home manager.

Final Verdict

Cable TV is a far better option than buying subscriptions to OTT platforms separately. This is because it’s budget-friendly and gives you access to many channels at the same price.

These are some of the bundles that you can consider for binge-watching. They are affordable and offer maximum opportunity for entertainment. You get access to hundreds of channels and can enjoy HBO and Cinemax without paying an additional amount.

We hope this article helped. You can now get back to binge-watching your favorite show or watching your best-loved sports live and thank me later!


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