How to Transform Your Workspace into a Personal Creative Oasis


No matter if you work from home or in a crowded office, you always want to be productive. In order to reach your goals and finish every assignment, it’s also vital to have a motivating environment. There are various ways you can inspire yourself to do all of your work on time and turning your workspace into a personal creative oasis is one of them. Here is what you can do if you need some ideas. Also, contact Jennor UK which provides the best office interior design solutions.

Dedicate a space to work

For starters, you need a designated workspace. If you’re working at home, you can either use a spare room as an office or carve out a little corner for yourself in a common area. Having a separate room that is far away from all sorts of commotion is the best option for productivity but even if you don’t have such a space at your disposal, not all is lost. You can use a room divider and noise-canceling headphones so that the other household members don’t disturb you while you work. On the other hand, if you have only a cubicle in a busy office, you can also use various tools that will help you focus on work such as earplugs that will block out background noise.

Clear the clutter

To be productive, most people need a clean environment. With that in mind, you want to cut the clutter in your workspace. For starters, find a place for everything that you use and make sure you put the items back in their place once you’re done using them. Then, you also want to get rid of various knickknacks that might be distracting during work. Keep the surfaces tidy and display only the things that can motivate you. Lastly, remember to not eat at your desk or at least to clean up after you eat so that there are no crumbs and packages making the space messy.

Make sure there is natural light

Even though you might not always have access to natural light, especially if you work in a rented building, it is of the essence for various health benefits that can improve our productivity. If possible, place your home office in a room that gets plenty of sunlight during the day. Of course, you want some sort of window treatment that will ensure there is no glare on your screen. Plus, if you’re low on natural light, you can look for various ways to maximize it like using mirrors and light colors.

Find the right lighting fixtures

As natural light isn’t always available and you might even prefer working in the evening or during the night, you also need the right lighting fixtures. In most cases, an overhead fixture is not enough to avoid eye strain. Therefore, you should look into layering the lights. The best way to do that is by getting a bright task light for the desk and supplementing the light with a few other fixtures like a floor lamp in an unused corner.

Implement the right colors

While light colors are essential if you’re working with a small space, the colors you can pick are actually various. Each color has its own effect on our psyche so it’s important to look into color psychology to see which hues work best for your line of work. For example, blues and greens are always recommended for relaxation, serenity, and focus. On the other hand, yellow and orange are often associated with creativity while red stimulates energy and passion. So, decide on the colors that would work for you and pick the exact shade you want to use for the walls, furniture, and décor.

Get comfy

Another aspect of a good office is comfort. You want to find a comfortable and ergonomic chair that will support your body in the right way and prevent back, neck, and limb pain. Moreover, you can also think about investing in a height-adjustable desk. This will allow you to spend a part of your day standing and a few hours sitting. Other ergonomic equipment you could get includes an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

Lay down a soft rug

Something else you should do to boost the coziness of this space is look for a nice rug or two. The styles, patterns, and materials that rugs come in abound so it shouldn’t be a problem finding a few that will fit into the space. A rug will not only make the space warmer and more inviting but it will also tie everything together and make it homier. Plus, you can also layer the rugs by getting a larger one in a solid color and putting a runner rug with an interesting print over it.

Add a few houseplants

When creating an oasis-like space, you cannot overlook plants. Regardless of your skills, you should be able to find a few houseplants that will enrich your space. For instance, the cast iron plant, the snake plant, and pothos are all relatively easy plants suitable for beginners. If you want to make a statement, you can look into the weeping fig tree, fiddle leaf fig, or monstera deliciosa. On the other hand, if you want some vibrant colors, you can also opt for flower delivery and have a fresh bouquet in your office every week.

Bring in pleasant scents

If you have the luxury to work by yourself in your own home, you also have the option of personalizing your space further with some pleasant scents. Seeing as how some people in a busy office might be allergic or simply not like strong scents, this is something that you should opt for if you’re alone in the office. When it comes to the smells you can use, the choices are countless. Whether you opt for scented candles, oil diffusers, or incense, you get to choose from lavender, cinnamon, bergamot, and so many other amazing smells.

Play your favorite tunes

Just like certain smells can turn people off, so can music. So, if you work surrounded by other people, you want to look for the best way to listen to music that helps you focus on your work. With that in mind, headphones are the way to go. If you get a quality pair, no one around will hear what you are listening to regardless of whether it’s hard rock or neural beats. Of course, if you’re the only one in the office, you can easily play your music on the speakers and enjoy your work.

Decorate with art and photos

Art can be a great motivator in the workplace. Therefore, you can look for a few pieces that you can decorate your station with. For example, scenes from nature can provide us with many benefits of nature even when we can’t actually go outside. From looking for prints online to purchasing art from local artists all the way to making your own masterpieces, the ways how you can transform the space with art are many. If you have some photos from your travels, simply framing them and putting them on the wall or on a shelf can do a lot.

Keep healthy snacks on hand

While snacking at your desk is not recommended, you can still keep a bowl of healthy snacks nearby to remind you that it’s okay to take a break sometimes. If you work alone, this means that you will never forget to bring along a snack and if you share the space with others, it can be something you can bond over. No matter if you opt for all sorts of fruit, granola bars, or some nuts and seeds combo, having your favorite snacks on hand is always a plus.

Invest in personalized stationery and supplies

When looking to personalize your workstation, you can also get stationery and supplies that are a bit more suited to your taste. From having everything in purple if that’s your favorite color to getting your binder monogrammed, ways to personalize your work environment abound. While you might not be able to ask for the supplies you want if you’re not in charge, there are still many ways you can make your space more like you.

Have a customized coffee mug

Besides personalizing your stationery, you can also customize other things around the office that belong to you. For instance, your coffee mug is surely something you use every single day, perhaps a few times a day. So, why not get a fun, custom one that will show off your personality and make sure everyone knows it belongs to you. What is more, even if you work from home and are your own boss, you can still make it interesting. Why not have a mug saying ‘employee of the month’? It might make you chuckle every time you go pour yourself some coffee. As you can see, ways how you can bring some personality to your workspace and transform it into a creative oasis abound. From the right colors to eye-catching plants all the way to personalized mugs, don’t be afraid to make the space your own


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