How to Make Communication Better for Remote Teams


There are many benefits to having remote workers and even to having an entirely remote business. If you have set your own business up in this way, you’ll already have considered these benefits; better productivity, fewer costs, and a greater work-life balance for everyone are just some of the advantages of working in this way. 

However, there are disadvantages too. They include the fact that employees can become lonely and feel disenfranchised when it comes to the business. Therefore, ensuring communication between team members is good. Here are some ideas on how to improve communication within your remote teams. 

Plan Regular Meetings 

The main issue when people are working remotely is that they never get to see their managers or co-workers. They might communicate via email or text, or perhaps they will use specific collaborating programs, but it’s not the same as being able to talk to someone face to face

If you can plan regular meetings, this will help somewhat. The meetings can be in-person, although this can be hard to organize if your teams are spread across the country or even the world. Video meetings are a much better option, making use of modern technology to ensure people get to check in with one another as much as possible. If you can, offer breakout rooms within the meeting so that people can chat and catch-up during breaks. 

Invest in the Right Software

Remote working will require different software compared to if you were working in an office. Although face-to-face (even if it’s virtual) meetings are important, these won’t usually take place every day and, therefore, the right software is required to ensure everyone can stay on track with what they are meant to be doing. 

To begin with, you’ll need to utilize software that helps move files and documents securely, so that everyone can do the work they are meant to do without any issues. GoAnywhere secure file transfer helps your business move data safely inside and Transmitting important financial documents is critical when data security is at risk. That is why migrating from traditional fax machines to enterprise fax solutions that can be done online through mobile or PC would be very efficient and practical.

As well as this, you’ll need communication tools. There are a number available, and it will depend on what system you use and what you want the program to do. In essence, though, you’ll need to pick something secure, and reliable, that offers plenty of versatility to allow larger groups or one-to-one meetings as the need arises. 

Show Empathy and Understanding 

Good communication isn’t just about the physical (or virtual) tools needed to make it happen. It’s also about having empathy and understanding for your team members. As a manager, you must be willing to check in with your employees and ask them if they are all right or if they need anything. This can be all it takes to brighten someone’s day and help them to be more productive. 

If you want your business to be a successful one and you want it to be a remote one, you will need to ensure you have everything in place to help those things happen – communication is key


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