How Can You Export LinkedIn Leads/ Contacts Into A Database?

The Best Linkedin Scraper To Extract And Export Leads From Linkedin Profiles Automatically

How Can I Extract/Scrape Leads From LinkedIn?

In this article, we would show you scrape, extract, and mine lead data from With LinkedIn Lead Extractor, you can easily extract any data from a LinkedIn profile you need to generate maximum leads for your business and boost your sales too. Person name, address, phone number, email, etc… Any data you see on the LinkedIn profile can be extracted with LinkedIn Leads Finder software, no coding is needed at all.  Just enter your keyword or profile URL, and get thousands of potential lead lists within minutes!

After configuration, simply run the task and get data in structured formats such as CSV, Excel.

By scraping data from LinkedIn, you can:

  • Get bulk phone numbers for telemarketing, SMS marketing, mobile marketing
  • Offer scraping services for businesses on Fiverr, Up Work, and other platforms
  • Sell the leads data to your customers on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn
  • Get bulk emails for email marketing

You can export data from LinkedIn manually

LinkedIn is the most used and popular platform to collect valid and real leads for marketing purposes as it has 55million registered companies and has more than 740 million users. Most marketers and freelancers spend a lot of their time & effort building business contact lists, prospect lists, business mailing lists, email marketing lists, and cold calling lists. Before calling or emailing the prospects, you need to manually copy-paste the data from LinkedIn profile to Excel. You have to copy every single detail from your LinkedIn profile and paste them into your excel spreadsheet or database. Building such lists helps a lot but it is a time-wasting and boring task for busy sales professionals. This is where a smart marketer and salesperson use web scraping tools such as LinkedIn Lead Extractor to find, extract, and export data from LinkedIn profiles automatically.

The Best Tool To Extract And Export Data From Linkedin Profiles Automatically

How To Extract & Export Leads From LinkedIn With LinkedIn Lead Extractor?

LinkedIn Lead Extractor is a powerful LinkedIn Lead Generation tool that helps you to extract and export leads data from LinkedIn to excel in 3 simple steps – Search, Select & Extract.

  • To extract data from the LinkedIn profiles, you have to install LinkedIn Data Extractor on your laptop/computer.
  • Open the LinkedIn website in the software and search for your target audience by keywords and zip codes or your add profile URLs in the search bar of the software.
  • The search results are displayed for your given keywords and locations. Now, select the search results.
  • Click the Extract button on the LinkedIn Lead Extractor toolbar. This option enables you to instantly capture the data from LinkedIn search results to the LinkedIn Leads Scraper grid. The LinkedIn Email Finder automatically verifies the contact details and checks for duplicate contacts. Now you can select Excel or CSV file as the destination application and then transfer all the extracted contacts to Excel.
  • With LinkedIn Profile Extractor, exporting data from LinkedIn to excel is a breeze. It helps you to save a lot of your time and spend more time speaking with your potential customers.
  • LinkedIn Contact Extractor captures the name, address, email ID, phone number, fax number, social media links, connections, and other contact details of the targeted LinkedIn profile and transfers them into an Excel spreadsheet or your database.


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