How can a Tenant Lawyer from Los Angeles Save My Face?


When Corona was at its peak, you might have missed a couple of deadlines for which your landlord is hassling you and also asking for extra as a penalty for delayed rent. Just seven months into your new job, the money is spent on paying your parent’s medical expenses that are not covered by their insurance policies. Relax; you can avoid embarrassing situations with a competent tenant lawyer.

Do you have a shield for the baseless claims made by your property’s owner? If not, it’s time to pinpoint the appropriate eviction defense attorney from Long Beach. There are various dirty tricks that an unethical landlord can use to ensure you vacate the premises without them spending on legal fees. Being proactive and hiring a tenant lawyer for Los Angeles will assist in reaching an agreement where you can gain something.

3 Reasons To Appoint A Tenant Lawyer

Here are some key reasons why you should appoint an eviction defense attorney when things start turning ugly at your rented residence in Long Beach –

  • The owner of the rented property tries to force you to vacate by withdrawing your utilities and changing the locks on your house.
  • The landlord/ landlady makes nasty and negative comments about your race or religion, which is considered discrimination in the US.
  • Your home becomes unliveable because of long-overdue repairs that are the owner’s responsibility.

The above techniques can become a reality and catch you off guard without a professional tenant lawyer from Los Angeles to ensure you understand what is legal and things that are against the law. Consulting an eviction defense attorney in Long Beach will help you build a fool-proof case against your landlord/ landlady. The expert will ensure you have recordings and documented evidence against the unethical property owner. If a Sheriff from Los Angeles is at your doorstep, you need to be cautious and have a tenant lawyer’s number on speed dial. If the guardian of the law is carrying a Writ of Possession or court order, they can make you vacate the rented premises.

The Bottom Line

Once you have consulted an eviction defense attorney in Long Beach, they will ensure you understand your rights and inform you what kind of evidence will strengthen your case. In the last couple of years, laws have been updated to ensure that a loss of income due to COVID 19 does not become a reason for your property’s owner to evict you. Many laws have loopholes that only experts specializing in eviction defense know how to use and make their clients winners.


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