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We were taking a gander at the existence of Jesus to see who he truly was, and we saw something impossible to miss: he invested a ton of energy around the supper table. A considerable lot of his most often cited messages and champion stories occurred while imparting a dinner to other people. As we looked nearer, we saw that his organization around the table was a strikingly different cast. He imparted dinners to outsiders. He invested energy with the bombastic strict first class. He really focused on individuals who had defied each guideline and were viewed as messy. He ate at the tables of the well off men whose wealth were won with untruths and debasement. He got over racial limits to eat with individuals who didn’t appear as though him. He welcomed everybody to the table. No special cases and no assumptions.

It was revolutionary at that point. Nobody was just comprehensive. The strict do-gooders started to murmur despite his good faith. They called him a companion of delinquents. It should be an affront, however Jesus wore it gladly. He was a companion to everybody. Furthermore, what do companions do? They have supper together and share in one another’s lives.

Outsiders eating together and becoming companions. What a straightforward idea, but, we’re almost certain it would flip around our own cutting edge world the same way Jesus turned his something like a long time back. That is truly why we made this video in any case. We see division and broken connections all over the place. We see judgment and fraud on the ascent. We see individuals who guarantee to be devotees of Jesus taking his open welcome and transforming it into a restrictive club.

The name of Jesus has been utilized to mischief and separation, yet assuming you take a gander at how he lived, you perceive how in reverse that truly is. Jesus was not selective. He was fundamentally comprehensive. What might our reality resemble assuming that were the standard? In the event that outsiders became companions over the supper table as they did around Jesus?


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