Having Trouble Moving Sofa in your House? Read our Tips


Your fabric sofa is surely the most important piece of furniture in your dream house or office. It is also the most frequently used item in the house that keeps getting stains and dirt marks from a variety of users and guests. Sofas are not only large in size but also can be heavy to lift when you have to move them from one place to another. Unfortunately, many elderly people and working moms complain about having a back pain after moving their leather sofas between rooms. That makes it a problem for people to move sofas easily. 

In this post, we will cover the most important topic to move your sofas even if they have a sheer size or weight. When you are not trained into moving furniture, or never have shifted a house in Australia, moving a couch of big sofa can turn into a complicate problem. However, you can do it with a lot of planning and a little bit of mathematics. 

Let us show you in this post the process of allocating the right space to your sofa or couch that will help you to move it much more smoothly. Preparation makes a man perfect? Wrong. But it is the key to moving your heavy furniture pieces smoothly in your house. Let us speak more about this. 

Preparation is the Key to Success before you Move your Sofa

When it comes to moving your house from one place to another in Australia, or even moving your heavy furniture from an upper floor to the lower, it is always a stressful task for homeowners who have physical limitations. When it comes to an item like a sofa, the stress level can skyrocket without proper planning. It takes a lot of planning, struggle, and hurting to move large couches from an upper floor to the basement where you need them in the summer. 

In order to measure your sofa correctly, the experts suggest that you should be measuring from the right arm to the left arm. Make sure that you start from the furthest ends and you will find out that it is easy to measure that way. That might mean that you have to measure your sofas that have to go through the hallways around corners and into the stairways. When you have to put your sofa into an elevator, you first need to calculate the various dimensions of your sofa. 

Every sofa can be taken apart. Even if the only thing that’s moving is your couch, you’ll still want to treat the move the same way that you used last time while moving the whole collection. You may have to consult some property experts to discuss these considerations. There are many decorations in the way that might get damaged if you do not move your sofa carefully from on emplace to another. 

After you have Measured, It is Time to Move 

Now that you know that the measurements of your house and your sofa in order to move it to its new position, there is no time to waste. It cannot fit through everything, but you need to put your sofa where it belongs the best. You can remove loose pillows and cushions first and then flipping through your sofa over to screw its legs.

Hire a Professional 

Of course, moving a large couch or sofa set is much more hassle and effort that you would have imagined at the first place. Trying anything new is always daunting, especially, when it is best suited for the professionals. If you cannot afford to lift your sofa or heavy upholstery items even with the help of family members, then the great thing to do is to hire a professional who will do the necessary wrapping a moving for you. 

You may have to pay like $800 for moving your entire furniture, but that will save your day from being wasted and you can spend more time rejuvenating. Just resist the temptation to cut corners. Let us explain how can you do that?

Some people think that cutting the corners of their upholstery items is a good idea since they cannot get professionals to come over and do the daunting work for them. However, you don’t have to go through that strategy because it does not matter if you are moving your couch down the hall, or down the street, you still need a lot of preparation. 

So don’t let your sofas and your back pain make you miserable by making a mistake. Always hire professionals for both Sofa Cleaning Sydney and sofa moving. Sofa cleaning is always necessary from an upholstery cleaning service in Sydney. Dirty sofas should not be moved; hire out team of sofa cleaning Sydney professionals for the best sofa and Curtain Cleaning Sydney of your furniture before you get it moved.


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