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    You may be surprised to learn that the number of people willing to do electrical repairs in the home yourself increases every month. Many consumers, in an effort to save money in difficult economic times, think that they can do without hiring an electrician to perform simple tasks at home.

    It can be easy to dismiss this problem as a passing phase. It can also be easy to think that most people will care about their safety and will not take any risks even when doing the simplest electrical repair job at home. Unfortunately this is simply not the case .

    There is, as the movie of the same name tells us, a clear and present danger. Performing even the simplest electrical repairs at home can be risky and difficult, and when you consider the possibilities, you must come to the conclusion that unless qualified repairs are made, you may have a time bomb in your home click for more:

    Let’s take a simple example like changing a faulty light switch. This is perhaps one of the most common repair jobs that a home handyman would love to try. It appears to be a relatively straightforward process and many websites are available to provide step-by-step instructions. But before you embark on this seemingly simple task, consider the following.

    Are you qualified enough to perform a voltage test on the line and determine why the line is not registered?

    Can you check the circuit breaker or fuse to make sure it is in good condition?

    Are you qualified enough to use the voltage tester?

    When replacing a 3-way switch with red, black, and white wires, do you feel efficient enough to strip the end of the wires, wrap them around the screws, and tighten again?

    What do you do if things don’t work after completing the “fix” task?
    These are just some of the few questions that need to be answered and even if you are able to answer yes to most of them, the last question remains: Do you feel competent enough to make these repairs and ensure the safety of your family?

    Obviously, the most important question to ask when the problem of making repairs yourself arises is the question of safety. While it’s true that an electrician can cost a hundred dollars for even the simplest task, think of it as an insurance policy that guarantees you and your family your safety by making repairs properly and professionally.

    It feels like a no-brainer when deciding to spend such a tiny amount for the peace of mind it actually brings.

    While the Internet can be a great source of useful information, you can never be reassured that what you’re reading is actually safe. We’ve all heard horrifying stories about kids who stumbled upon recipes for explosive devices on the Internet only to discover that they had deadly results.


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