Five Things to Keep in Mind Before Applying for a Personal Loan 


A personal loan is one of the most popular loan products available today. Personal loans are unsecured type loans that people avail to meet their personal needs. The best thing is that the borrower does not need to put in their collateral to avail of the personal loan. 

But as it is an unsecured loan, the borrower must pay the high-interest rates on the personal loan amount. People usually take personal loans to renovate their houses, plan vacations, pursue education, etc. 

In this article, we want to tell you the top 5 things you should consider before applying for a personal loan. If you also want a personal loan to meet your need, you must first read all five things. 

  • Determine your needs 

The first step you must do is to determine the need for which you want to take a personal loan. Taking a personal loan is not a thing to get money only; it is the commitment of monthly and interest payments on the amount you take under a personal loan. 

It will be the fixed portion of your budget for the future, so you should use your loan amount prudently and productively. Before taking a personal loan, you must consider all the costs, like interest payments, EMI, processing fees, etc. 

  • Build the good credit history

Another important thing you should learn is to build your good credit history before applying for a personal loan. Your credit history informs your creditworthiness to the bank. 

The better your credit history is, the better your chances of getting approval for a personal loan at low-interest rates. So, it is suggested to maintain a good credit history.

Before applying for a personal loan, ensure that you have paid all your credit card bill payments on time for at least the past six months. Also, ensure no defaults on your EMI payments to build a good credit history. 

  • Check the eligibility 

You should check the eligibility criteria before applying for a personal loan. Some banks need borrowers aged between 18 and 60 years, whereas some need borrowers aged between 20 and 55. 

So, you should first check the eligibility criteria, including age, income, and occupation, before applying for a personal loan. 

  • Consider the additional cost. 

Before applying, it is important to consider all the costs associated with a personal loan. You should consider the interest rates, EMI, prepayment fees, processing fees, late payment fees, etc., and read the terms and conditions. You can calculate the personal loan EMI calculator to determine the EMI before availing of a personal loan. 

  • Ensure to confirm repayment on time 

It is suggested to consider all the pre-existing financial obligations before applying for a personal loan. It includes the EMI and monthly expenses. You should choose a flexible repayment schedule while taking the personal loan, so you can manage your finances better without any troubles.  


Personal loans are unsecured loans that have gained huge popularity among people. Most people often decide to avail of a personal loan because there is no need to submit collateral in this type of loan. 


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