Exceptional Wall art Ideas for Bedroom



The overall look of the bathroom depends on the character of the walls. If you feel something is missing from your Bedroom, it’s wall art. The wall decor imparts polishing, texture, and comfort to the room.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways in which you can incorporate wall arts in your room. So, go with every style, and a few are interior style specific. 

So, let’s have a look at popular wall decor ideas that can truly awaken your space.

Go for Large Scale Wall art.

Large-scale single-piece wall art looks very sophisticated in modern and contemporary interiors. You can opt for an extensive range of bedroom wall arts like canvas. The canvas makes a perfect choice as they look premium and artistic. 

It’s ready to hang as it comes with a sawtooth hanger, scratch-proof, durable, and lightweight. It will stay for years and looks very grand.

Pro tip: While hanging large framed artwork on a blank wall, always make sure it covers 60 to 75 % of the wall. The too small or too large wall art will look absurd. Hang the piece at eye level; the distance from the ground to the center of the art should be approximately 57 inches.

A Perfect Wall art Over Furniture


Suppose you have a fireplace, a console, or perfect storage in your Bedroom. Accessorize it with wall arts to complete the look. 

For example, you can place some plants, vases over the Furniture. Then hang wall art, like a framed canvas print, tapestry, ceramic plates, or any wall art that goes with your bedroom style.

Pro tip: While hanging any wall art over Furniture, the distance between the top and bottom of wall art must be six to twelves inches. Also, ensure perfect ratio as the wall art must cover two-thirds or three-fourths of the Furniture.

A Memory Over the bed

A piece over the bed is one of the perfect locations for wall art. You can print your wedding photo on canvas, a random click or showcase your interest. It can be three frames, multipanel canvas, or anything unique according to your preference.

Pro tip: While riding the wall art over the bed, ensure six to 12 inches of a gap. The larger pieces can have more distance between the top of the bed and the bottom of the wall art. 

In comparison, the space can be less for smaller ones. The wall arts should cover two-thirds or three fourth width of the bed for a perfect ratio and look.

Personalize a Gallery Wall

Imagine a gallery on the wall adjacent to the bed or any blank wall. You can play so much with this single wall. For example, you can align different types of canvas and unique prints. 

Also, you can mix and match various types of art like DIY wall arts, tapestry hangings, canvas, frames. In addition, you can hang small wall plants and whatever reflects your personality.

Pro tip:

  1. Ensure proper spacing while forming a grid in the gallery wall.
  2. Leave 2 to 6 inches of gap according to the size of wall arts.
  3. When mixing different wall art, mix and match small pieces with larger pieces equally to create a balance. 

Various Types of Trending Wall Arts for Bedroom


Let’s have a look at some trending wall arts for Bedroom:

Canvas – The canvas is becoming the first choice because of its immeasurable qualities and options. A framed print, merging unframed canvas, collage, foam tiles, hexagon canvas, split canvas, and much more. They are available in all shapes and sizes and look very artistic. You can completely customize them online.

Mirrors – The polished mirrors which can lean on wall or wall mirrors look exceptional. They add a lavish look and make your place brighter.

Tapestry – The hand-made tapestry-like macrame, which also has plant holders, looks very cozy and unique.

Wall Sconces – Traditional wall sconces with candles or modern ones with bulbs look very fancy. The metallic hues are perfect, and they are efficient.

Plant Hangings – The plant hangings with small house plants like succulents look amazing. They bring natural freshness and positivity to the Bedroom.

Ceramics – The ceramic collection with unique patterns and color looks delightful. If you love the collection, showcase your personality on the walls.

Traditional Pieces – If you’re a fan of artistic vintage pieces, you can mount them on the bedroom wall. Mix and match in a gallery wall or hang a single piece over the bed.

Let’s Wrap it

The Bedroom is a very personal space, and it must be attractive and reflect your personality. You spend most of the time here alone or with your partner, so you must connect to the space. 

In addition, the room, when decorated with so many efforts, creates stories and bonds with you. So give your place an ultimate finish and look with excellent wall art options.


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