Credit Associates Review 2021


Credit Associates is a respectable credit associates debt relief program with a long history. It has been in business since 2007 and conducts a debt settlement programme in 42 states. Credit Associates debt relief is an established debt settlement firm. 

Credit Associates business model has been created by the member of the American Fair Credit Council, which requires its members to adhere to an industry-wide code of conduct. They work with a range of unsecured debt types, including medical debt, credit card debt, and company debt. The article is a brief credit associates review dealing with credit associates commercial implications and impacts.

Credit Associate Meaning:

Credit Associates is a respectable debt relief organisation with a long history. It is a component of the American Fair Credit Council, which requires its members to adhere to an industry-wide code of conduct. If your question was about how does credit associates work? They work with a range of unsecured debt types, including medical debt, credit card debt, and company debt.

Credit Associates: Top Features

  • Established company:  Credit Associates loans have been in operation since 2007 and conduct a debt settlement service in 42 states.
  • Short program:  Credit Associates debt settlement programme is structured around monthly payments of between 24 and 36. This is an extremely aggressive approach that asks you to make monthly payments in order for them to quickly settle our debt.
  • A wide variety of unsecured debt: Credit Associates account to have a $10,000 minimum enrolment requirement. They are experts at resolving medical/hospital bills, credit card debt, and commercial debt. As is the case with other debt settlement firms, they do not negotiate secured loans such as mortgages or auto loans.
  • Some industry accreditation: Credit Associates is now an accredited member of the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) industry association. They bear the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) insignia; however, Credit Associates is not a member of the IAPDA.
  • Free consultation: They offer a no-cost debt consultation to assess your financial condition and determine if you qualify for their programme.
  • No upfront fees: Credit Associates, like other legitimate debt settlement companies, does not charge any upfront costs.
  • Competitive fees and results: Credit Associates does not include a disclaimer or any information about its fees and discounts. Their savings estimator generates a sample result indicating a savings of approximately 35% of the original debt. They do add, though, that this is a hypothetical instance, and the results “may not apply to your own situation or circumstances.”
  • Important Considerations: While these are not exclusive to Credit Associates, they are critical considerations when searching for a debt settlement firm.

Credit Associates: Steps To Qualify For a Debt Relief Program

National Debt Relief is a debt settlement programme to assist individuals who are having difficulty paying their obligations. As is the matter with other debt relief firms, the following are their basic requirements:

  • Financial hardship: Credit Associates is reliant on your certification that you are experiencing financial difficulties. They collaborate with you prior to and throughout the system to demonstrate your economic difficulties.
  • Behind in payments: To qualify for a debt settlement programme, you must be at least several months behind on your payments.
  • Ability to generate a payment amount: Credit Associates debt collector programme requires a monthly payment. Credit Associates explains that this is a cost-cutting initiative. Rather than paying your creditors directly, you must make monthly contributions to a bank account designated in your name for the purpose of repaying your obligations. 
  • Credit Associates bases its strategy on a 24-36-month horizon. If you owe $10,000 in credit card debt, for example, you should budget approximately $208 each month for a three-year programme, compared to the minimum payments of nearly $250.
  • Sufficient debt to justify the program: Although they do not state a minimum requirement, it appears as though Credit Associates requires you to enrol in at least $10,000 in debt.

Credit Associates – Customer Satisfaction And Customer Service

Credit Associates offers a no-cost telephone consultation. Additionally, credit management associates provide telephone service to existing clients. They operate six days a week.

Credit Associates’ web-based interface allows you to check your progress and account. They do not, however, offer a mobile application or a chat facility.

Credit Associates holds a “B” rating with the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, they have an extremely high consumer rating (4.99/5.0).

Does The Program Lower My Credit Score?

Credit Associates’ debt settlement programme is not credit-based. Rather than that, they recall that the extent of the injury “depends on the results of your debt assessment if you joined in a debt relief programme.” 

A disclaimer or information regarding fees and discounts is not provided by Credit Associates.

Nonetheless, because you are not making payments to your creditors, you can anticipate a decline in your credit score since the credit associates affect credit score.

Are Credit Associates Legitimate?

Credit Associates takes pride in the high ratings, certifications, and verifications we have obtained from industry experts. These highly acclaimed and extremely dependable firms serve as a testament to their commitment to providing the absolute best solutions and service to our consumers. 

These honours should also instil confidence in you that your unique financial situation will be handled with the utmost care, attention, and respect.

Final Verdict

Credit Associates is a young company created in 2016. Despite this, it is accredited by both the AFCC and the IAPDA, two of the most reputable bodies in the debt relief market. 

Unfortunately, Credit Associates lacks openness, as it does not disclose several critical aspects about its debt relief programme, such as the average price structure and if you must have a certain amount of debt to qualify.

Apart from the transparency concerns, an examination of evaluations from a variety of sources indicates that Credit Associates does not enjoy a favourable reputation among many of its clients. 

Numerous reviewers stated that they encountered communication difficulties, with some good reviews referencing communication difficulties. In general, you are better off selecting a debt relief supplier who is completely honest about its product offerings.


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