Creating the Ultimate Country Kitchen Using Marble

The Countertop Shop

Do you live in an old farmhouse? Maybe you just moved into a modern creation of a rural escape. You envision your kitchen being filled with good food, laughter, and warmth. Marble may be the perfect choice as a long-lasting countertop ready for years of hard work in your Toledo, OH home. The Countertop Shop always has a good selection of slabs ready to finish out your dream country kitchen.

The Timeless Beauty of Gently Aged Marble

Did you know? In ages past in Europe, having a marble kitchen table that was scratched and stained and worn indicated a healthy and happy home.

You may think that marble will keep its glossy perfection over time, but the fact is that it is a softer stone that attains a patina with age. If you are searching for an opulent kitchen counter that also has timeless appeal, marble is an excellent choice. Marble can be easily maintained by using a combination of sealant and cleaner. It will gather a few scrapes and scuffs, but your kitchen is an active space–not an unapproachable work of art.

Countertop Clutter? Creating that Comforting Kitchen Look

Is your life filled with baking, mixing, chopping, blending, and cooking? You do not imagine living in a pristine white world with no appliances or utensils on your counter. A true country kitchen will have everything within reach. Hang a pot rack overhead, place a knife block and crock of spoons on the marble counter. Your kitchen always looks ready for action.

Refreshing those Vintage Hardwood Cabinets with a New Gleaming Surface

Perhaps it isn’t the design of your kitchen that is calling for a redo. Those hardwood cabinets still do the job. The dull shine of the stain is dented and dinged. They tell the story of your family. A good clean and wax will restore their appearance. Remove the old laminate counters and replace them with a soft gray marble. It will create a soft and soothing atmosphere while lending a more contemporary twist to the space.

Selecting a Marble Slab that Supports Your Style

Just like granite or quartzite marble can be found in a variety of colors, shades, and textures. While it is known for being white or gray, you can find slabs that feature streaks of black, brown, yellow, and rust. Some pieces have few variations, while others are wildly busy with large inclusions and veins. The only way to decide if marble is the perfect solution for your kitchen is to visit our showroom and see for yourself. Study how it glistens under natural light. Touch its silky surface. Fall in love.

Are you ready to discover the perfect custom counter for your kitchen renovation? The Countertop Shop is open six days a week. Located out in Monclova on Airport Highway, it won’t take long to find us and a huge variety of countertop options.


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