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For centuries, natural herbs and their extracts have been used to treat numerous illnesses. The remarkable healing properties of herbs are known to cure symptoms of various diseases without having any side effects. Individuals these days also prefer to use naturally produced medicinal products rather than going for allopathic medicines. Considering the growing demand for natural products, manufacturers have increasingly started to invest in herbal supplements. There are a variety of herbal supplements available in the herbal supplement store dedicated to individual causes. For example, there are dedicated herbal supplements for a hangover headache, anxiety, stress, and much more.   

What actually are herbal supplements?

Herbal supplements are products whose ingredients are derived from plant extracts like their roots, seeds, oils, flowers, etc. They have been used for centuries due to their unparalleled healing properties that do not possess any long-term side effects. Herbal supplements are available in many different forms which can be used superficially or for consumption like:

  1. Teas
  2. Liquid extracts
  3. Tablets and capsules
  4. Ointments
  5. Oils
  6. Bathing salts

Is it safe to use herbal supplements? 

As herbal supplements are certified products and safe to consume, individuals are increasingly getting inclined towards using them in their daily life. The highly effective and safe herbal supplements are FDA approved and made available to the customers with all precautionary measures. 

Individuals also use herbal supplements with prescribed medicines to heal from their symptoms quickly. However, it is always advisable to consume medicines after consulting a healthcare provider to avoid drug interactions. 

Few tips for using herbal supplements safely:

  1. Do not exceed the prescribed dosage of herbal supplements. Furthermore, do not take the supplements longer than prescribed.  
  2. Keep track of what you consume. Noting down what you intake and for how long can give you a brief idea of how the supplement benefits you. This way, you can stop taking the herbal supplement if it is not effective or does not provide expected results. 
  3. Choose branded products when it comes to investing in herbal supplements. It is advisable to stick to the brands that are certified and tested by independent sources. 
  4. Check with your healthcare provider before hopping onto a specific herbal supplement to ensure it is safe for you considering your symptoms and other health conditions. 

Who should avoid using herbal supplements?

Since herbal supplements contain active ingredients, they have strong instant effects on the body. Therefore, combining herbal supplements with other drugs or supplements can have adverse life-threatening side effects. It is essential to talk about the following things with your doctor before starting to intake herbal supplements:

  1. If you are already taking prescription medicines, some herbs can react with them and give rise to bigger health issues. Thus, mixing different drugs is not a good idea, and you must talk to your health care provider before doing this. 
  2. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding your baby, herbal supplements may not prove to be safe for consumption. They may hamper the growth of your baby and be harmful to you and your baby.
  3. If you are going to undergo surgery in the near future, it is advisable not to consume herbal supplements. The effectiveness or success of the surgery can be greatly hampered, causing complications, such as bleeding.
  4. Age matters a lot while getting on to herbal supplements. Some herbal supplements are not safe to be consumed by individuals below the age of 18 or above 60. Thus, be careful of who you are buying the supplements for.

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