Best Time to Have a Whisky


There are several things that we can put off, but one of them is not drinking whiskey. However, there are various things that can affect drinking whisky, and one of them is time. That is why it’s important to know when the best time is to indulge in this drink. The best time for whisky can be tied to the reason for drinking it. For those who are drinking it for the purpose of tasting, the best and most appropriate time is in the early morning. For relaxation, the evenings are the most appropriate times. For those who want to celebrate an occasion, the best time is when you have several of their friends around.

Why are you drinking whisky?

The best time for whisky is different for everybody, and it’s all dictated by the circumstances. It will depend on the reasons why you are drinking this alcoholic drink in the first place.

1. Trying out whisky

For those who want to taste the different flavors, the most appropriate time is early morning. By tasting, we mean sipping, smelling, swirling, breathing and taking your time to take notes about the differences that each brand offers. This is quite different from when you are relaxing on a sofa and enjoying your favorite brand of whisky. The best time for this is late morning, between 10 and 11 a.m.This is the time when your palate is both clean and sensitive. At this time, you will still be fresh and not tired. At this time, you will be very alert and there is no flavor that will pass undetected.

2. Whiskey drinking for relaxation

When you will be drinking whiskey for relaxation, there are no time restrictions. It all depends on when you are free from other engagements. For most people, this can be early in the evenings after a day’s work, when they will be willing to put the day’s stresses behind them. This could also happen in the late evening, just before you go to bed. Some people find it easier to sleep after drinking some whisky. You will be able to wake up stress-free and refreshed in the morning. This is a personal thing, and it’s important to choose a time that is best for you.

3. Taking whiskey for celebration

Whisky is often the drink of choice for most people while celebrating. The best and most appropriate time to drink whisky is when you are with friends or family. The experience is incredible and can remain memorable for a long time.

4. Drink whisky before it oxidizes

The best time for whisky drinking is before it oxidizes. However, this is less likely to happen because of the high alcohol volume it contains. However, remember that oxidation is still possible, especially with the entry of oxygen into the bottle. When oxygen enters, the existing compounds change into something else, and the original flavors may also be altered.


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