Best places to visit in Kolkata


Suppose you are planning to spend your locations in a heritage city of India, which has emerged out to be the metropolitan city. In that case, nothing can be a better option than Kolkata. It is considered to be a very wonderful place to spend your vacation. This city is full of surprises and monuments. The art and architecture in this place are lovely. It is essential to mention that this place is known for many vital destinations that will expose you to the ancient culture.

All about the city of Kolkata

It is one of the vibrant cities of India, which is decorated with artistic grandeur and dazzling culture. This place used to be the former British capital of India. That is why it can offer fascinating art and philosopher literature. So if you are making up your mind to visit this fantastic place, then this article will help you provide a particular guide about the most exciting places to visit near JW Marriott Kolkata. The least of these fantastic places have been given in the following way.

Victoria memorial

This is one of the best examples of architecture in Kolkata. This can feature the most beautiful architecture. This beautiful monument can spread across at least 57 acres of land. Twenty-one green Gardens surround it. It also has around 30000 artifacts and 4000 artistic paintings. It is considered to be a beautiful place to spend your time at.

This is one of the finest historical monuments to visit in Kolkata, built in the memory of Queen Victoria. This has been constructed using white marble. It can host at least 20 lakh annual visitors every year. You can visit this monument from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The entry fees are Rs 30 for Indians and 200 for foreigners.

Fort William

This is situated on the eastern banks of the Hooghly river. It is considered a substantial architectural building belonging to the colonial era. It is one of the best archaeological sites to visit in Kolkata. This place has a lot of historical importance. It is also known as the black hole of Calcutta. This place was known as a temporary jail for the prisoners caught in a claustrophobic environment.

Many Indians lost their lives in this jail due to extreme suffocation and lack of oxygen. However, over the period, this place has been reconstructed into the headquarters of the Eastern command. You can visit this place from 10 a.m. to 5:30 in the evening. You will find a lot of historical paintings and other literature in this place.

Marble palace

This is the 19th Century mention of North Kolkata. It is considered to be the most visited tourist destination spot in Kolkata. This is the kind of Museum that has been able to restore the art and architecture of Kolkata. It has preserved the elegant glassware and noteworthy paintings of famous artists of British time.

The entire Palace is made using white marble, giving it a stunning look. It has been constructed using a unique design, which is why most tourists are attracted to this fantastic place. You can visit this place from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Many people visit this place to experience the rich art and architecture that Kolkata was able to experience at an earlier time. This is a famous place to visit, especially during the spring season because it has a vast garden.

Tagore house

You might be conversant with the famous poet and scholar of Kolkata. He is none other than Ravindra Nath Tagore. Keeping in mind the vast importance of his work, the Government of Kolkata decided to convert his former residence into a museum. It is considered to be an institution in itself. This Museum can showcase a photo gallery and fascinating paintings. It is even having a record of all the literary works he has been a part of.

It is considered to be a significant place to visit. If you love to understand literature, then you can visit this place. There is a vast garden and a fountain that can enhance this place’s beauty. You can visit this place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. after paying a minimum entry fee.


This is another crucial tourist spot recognized as the best natural wonders of the world. It has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is the largest delta of the world formed by the Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers. It also has a vast reservoir. This place is able to host the largest Tiger Reserve of India. This place is filled with the beauty of flora and fauna to the maximum possible extent.

The natural beauty is so unique that you will enjoy visiting this place. There are many excellent cafeterias situated around this beautiful place to make it more romantic for the couples to enjoy the evening. The trees are unique because the roots of these trees are above the land. That is why it is considered the essential mangrove cover of India.

Botanical Gardens

This is another essential place which you can visit in Kolkata. It is located on the Western bank of the river Ganga. This is one of the most critical places in Kolkata to host the most considerable variety of plants. It has around 12000 different species of plants.

The beauty of nature is very mesmerizing at this place. You can visit this place from 10 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Many herbal and medicinal plants are available in this area. You will definitely enjoy visiting this place. It will introduce different species of plants and other ferns.


So ultimately, it can be concluded that these are the places to visit near JW Marriott Kolkata and spend time, whenever you are in Kolkata. Visiting all these places will make your trip much more memorable and unique. It is considered to be an essential method to spend your time and make the best memories out of them.


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