Best Destinations For Nature Lovers That Surely Connects You To Nature


One time I complimented a photographer on her work on the grand canyon and all she said was,

‘It’s not me, it’s Nature.’

This is the bewitching power of nature, it can captivate the most pragmatic soul to its magic. The wonders of nature are so simple and yet they have this astronomical impact on our mood.

Taking a hike or just a drive through the mountain roads can help us clear our mind and rethink. The instant peace it brings is a miracle.

Travellers since the beginning of time have gone on expeditions to find this serenity of nature. Fortunately, it wasn’t this hard to find then. But, there is nothing to worry as we bring the handpicked list of breathtaking places you can visit around the country.

Nature Lover’s Paradises

Here are the most mesmerizing destinations known for its beauty and artistic work of mother Earth.

King Salmon [Alaska]

This is a paradise for painters, fishing enthusiasts and an ardent lover of the snow covered mountains and the winter chills.

There is a Naknek River camp where you can catch some of the best silver salmon. I think this is the reason why it is called king salmon!

Other breathtaking sights from where you can devour into the beauty of Alaska are, Katmai National Park and Preserve’s Volcano. You can also visit the Brook Cramps to catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife.

A true nature experience within all its flora and fauna.

Mammoth Lakes [California]

If you think California is only known for its cities then you might underestimate the beautiful natural wonders that this place holds.

If you take the road to Hana and then drive for another 12 miles you will reach another paradise filled with Bamboo forest and the famous Waimoku Falls. Leave your technology aside and just take a swim in the depths of the Seven Sacred Pools. This should definitely be a long trip as there is so much to see.

But wait, did you think that was all? Well then, you will surely jump with joy when I tell you that the beach is just miles away. The half mile road from Ala Kahakai will lead you to the ocean waves.

Las Vegas [Nevada]

Wait, this is a joke right?

How can a city covered with casinos and neon become a destination for the peaceful nature’s lover?

But, what if I tell you that the sin city has its own natural paradises to offer. In the outskirts of the city you will find the most awestrucking and idyllic views. It’s like Vegas’s nature has also adapted its showmanship.

Some of these locations to bear witness to this testament are All Mountain Cyclery, Red Rock Canyon climbing, Bonnie Spring Ranch; and lots and lots of hiking to rid yourself from the city’s stress and anxiety.

Bryce Canyon [Utah]

Who can deny a trip around the Grand Canyon? If you want a tour round the Bryce Canyon National Park, then go book a tour for Utah today. Start your expedition with nature’s most iconic landscape there ever was.

Zion National Park is just an hour drive away. You shouldn’t miss this destination either if nature is the medicine to your good mental health.

Prescott [Arizona]

National forest; Praks; Lakes; Kayaking and Canoeing. Does a trip to a tribute to nature look any better than this?

The trip to Prescott will be filled with outdoor adventures, guided hikes in the Granite Basin, Ponderosa forests; and if you want to take a break and just enjoy the mesmerizing view that the city offers then just let your eyes take a bath in the views of Skull Valley.

Deadwood [South Dakota]

If the sound of waterfall is your guilty pleasure and the crawling of a babbling brook gives you the peace that the city lifestyle can never offer then this is probably the best place for you.

Deadwood in South Dakota has a lot to offer to all nature lovers. Starting from bird watching, rock climbing, horse rides and not to mention the breathtaking Bridal Veil Falls. To add to this adventure, you can also explore the Belle Fourche National Refuge and the Badlands National Park to soak your mind in the beauty of the sensational mountain formations.

To Conclude

Whenever we talk about nature our heart is filled with a sense of serenity and positivity. A day within the laps of mountains, forests, rivers all that mother earth has to offer will not only help you detoxify from the daily bustle, but also appreciate it better.

It is never too late to just pack your bags and run for the hills or the beach whatever suits you. Because it’s never too late to unplug from reality, it’s never too late for the magic of nature.

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