Benefits of attending Abu Dhabi Indian School’s Digital Campus?

E-learning and Online Education for Student and University Concept. Graphic interface showing technology of digital training course for people to do remote learning from anywhere.

A digital campus is a space where students have access to different learning experiences through the digital medium. It can be a smart classroom, an online community, virtual labs, digital technology like Data Analytics to keep insights. Also, technologically-enabled security systems and a few other technologically advanced mediums enable the school to provide a high-tech and futuristic platform to all students. This kind of blended learning is very much necessary to help children gain digital literacy in order to be prepared for the coming years that will be highly digitalized. Digital literacy doesn’t limit itself to the knowledge of using gadgets and other applications. Rather, they also develop new languages like coding that will very much be a part of the school curriculum soon.

Why Digital Campus is important?

The need to be tech-savvy is increasing and almost every industry needs an employee who is digitally literate. This doesn’t just limit to sending emails or being adept at using social media handles. It also is important to understand the dangers that these platforms may spark or the understanding of what a digital footprint is. And how one should be careful in protecting themselves from cyber-crimes.

GIIS’s Abu Dhabi Indian School Digital Campus

Global Indian International School is one such school that has taken to reforming its curriculum by providing a state of the art digital campus to its students to enable digital integration into its teaching methods. This CBSE school in Abu Dhabi has created waves with its unique holistic curriculum. They have taken the right steps to digitally transform their campus to the needs of the current and the future generation. GIIS understands that students now need a highly engaging platform where they can hone their already competitive digital skills in a school environment. The learning methods are now hardly adapted more comprehensively and using the textbook method. There are projects and course-works, research and collaboration that have brought about a need for a more sophisticated platform where there are multiple channels of information and integrated learning methods used. 

Facilities at this GIIS’s CBSE School in Abu Dhabi

GIIS’s Abu Dhabi Indian school’s digital campus is the proud owner of international-level software labs in Maths and English. There are platforms like Google Classroom, Khan Academy, and other value-added programs like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics which enable students to pursue their interests with enthusiasm. This digital platform also helps children to connect with industry experts and community heads. So that they can gain insights into their lessons, projects, or other programs in the curriculum.

Modern Classrooms and curricula for learning

A student-led and hands-on learning environment are what is being adopted by teachers of CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi. Teachers are embracing digital literacy to help young children gain the advantages of a collaborative learning environment. New pedagogical methods are being used in this Abu Dhabi Indian school’s digital campus to enable this advancement. Teachers also help children understand the impact of one’s digital footprint and other aspects like cyber-bullying and how to overcome such situations.

Other reasons why digital literacy is important for children

Makes children more collaborative

Collaboration is another important skill used in almost every area of life. Children learn to work collaboratively for their projects and team-related initiatives through different digital platforms. They also share their interests and desires through social media, which helps them work for a common cause collectively.

Creativity, a key skill acquired through digital platforms

Children can now author books and create their own blogs, thanks to the advancement in technology. A great place to showcase one’s skills. The digital platform provides all the tools to advertise and also acknowledge each other’s innate gifts and skills. These initiatives also develop entrepreneurial skills in young adults. Children also learn the art of creating attractive presentations through cool apps which bolster their spirit and improve their confidence levels.

Improves communication skills

This is another skill that can be easily acquired by the digital space. Schools have language labs, that help children hone their communication skills or spoken skills. Children can also learn foreign languages like French, German, Mandarin, etc. Through apps like Duo Lingo that make them more globally smart. 


These were some wonderful benefits of digital literacy in one of the best CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi. As parents, we should encourage children to be digitally savvy and set limitations on the improper usage of technology. It has its pluses and minuses, however, digital literacy is going to be a crucial aspect for every person who is heading towards the next generation.


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