7 Steps to Getting Your Child into Acting


Children with theatrical flair seeking to be on the big screens should professionally hone their skill and personality to stand out for the best career prospects. So how can your youngsters enter the world of acting involving television advertisements or films? Aside from enrolling them in acting schools for kids in Orlando, there are other steps that parents can follow to introduce their children to the performance world. 

  1. Support And Inspiration

Begin by evaluating if your youngster is interested in acting or if it’s your secret wish for them. Should they be genuinely interested, visit theaters, movies, or shows with them. Attending amateur or student performances and watching a range of films in the cinema doesn’t have to be expensive. It would be best to urge them to be part of student organizations; local theaters often offer young organizations or provide summertime acting seminars. 

At the same time, there are performance arts institutions providing evening and weekend lessons, both nationwide and locally, such as Stagecoach. Through them, children can gain several opportunities to learn acting fundamentals. They can then participate in recitals and presentations. All these will cost you money that will count in the long run.

  1. Take Professional Headshots

The fields of acting that your kid may desire to pursue can be competitive. Casting agents will usually look at their headshot before anything. Only good headshots count; therefore, delegate the duty to professionals who understand industry standards as even your neighborhood professional photographers may not produce the kind of photos necessary. Check on internet sites like Headshot Hunter for samples of amazing headshots to identify a well-suited photographer for the job. Though It can be relatively costly, it’s a worthwhile investment for your youngster looking to get into the acting industry.

  1. Acting Education

As soon as your youngster grasps the performance bug, they will not require any encouragement. Check with them for performing arts institutions; some of these schools accept exceptional and devoted students as young as teenagers. They aim at producing youthful entertainers within the regular school program. 

Parents should also consider checking with the National Youth Theater for teenagers nearing adulthood despite the limited spots. You don’t have to be qualified in performance arts to become a professional actress or performer. Instead, you can gain from their excellent foundation. Most prominent drama institutes or conservatoires provide intensive preparation while showcasing talents and business connections upon completion. However, these highly competitive opportunities may necessitate multiple auditions before judges settle on a proper perspective. 

Expect a single audition for Drama courses where students should have a minimum of one piece, for instance, a monologue they can readily present. Most theater schools invite big groups to their daily performances for numerous activities and assessments while reducing the number of performers as the day progresses.

  1. Seek Out An Agent

Going through agents would be an ideal way of landing auditions for gigs. They will help you look for suitable options and are often called personally by television or film casting agents. Signing up with an agent is thus critical for candidates who are passionate about the acting craft. You don’t necessarily have to pay when hiring an agent since they deduct their commission after providing you with gigs. 

  1. Sign Up On Casting Sites

Getting the acting skills of your youngsters on casting platforms like Spotlight or Mandy can be an opportunity to showcase their potential. While some do not charge, most of them require joining fees before you can access their most lucrative prospects. Note that there is no guarantee for success. Instead, featured films or theater possibilities go directly to staging agencies since they only admit individuals who can play well. In this manner, they perform pre-selection on behalf of casting directors. 

Conversely, casting sites are excellent for low-budget projects and more minor local prospects, which are great for gaining skills and compiling your portfolio.

  1. Auditioning

It’s fantastic to receive audition opportunities. Therefore, your best strategy would be to experience the process and move on from it. Productions don’t contact most auditionees after auditioning. Therefore as a parent, don’t be highly eager, dissatisfied, forceful, or overly interested. It may cause anxiety and raise pressure on children. Maintain a light, encouraging tone with your kids. While at it, prepare to let them make their own decisions.

  1. Maintaining A Balance

Performance arts can be addictive, thrilling, fulfilling, and engaging. It may end up regaling a child’s entire life. As a parent, ensure that you support them while explaining the context of your recommendations. Please encourage them to trust their capability in skills beyond acting such as collaboration, effective listening, individuality, discipline and resilience, and so on. Such skills serve them well throughout life, no matter what they encounter.


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