5 Ways to Make Life Easier for Delivery Drivers During a Holiday


To say that delivery drivers are an essential part of our modern existence is a huge understatement.

These days a lot of activities happen straight from people’s computer and smartphone screens. That means people are shopping and ordering stuff online more than they visit physical stores. 

Behind all that convenience are delivery guys who work tirelessly to get products to their owners.

When it comes to holiday seasons, though, the people who feel the brunt of the pomp and excitement are delivery drivers who are heavily relied upon to keep things afloat.

While enjoying your home or office-delivered products, especially during such busy times as holidays, you may want to appreciate the men and women involved. 

These five tips will come in handy if you want to make life easier for delivery drivers during a holiday:

  1. Remain Available

One of the biggest challenges delivery guys face daily is poor communication with clients. It’s like somewhere along the way, the recipients drop off the planet leaving the delivery person hanging.

Considering holidays are demanding, try not to make things even harder for the person bringing you your items. 

Sure, you may have other things to do other than wait for them to arrive, but the least you can do is keep your phone on and near you. It’s not cool to have someone repeatedly calling because you’re suddenly nowhere to be found, and they can’t leave without your signature.

  1. Tip Them

If you’re having a lovely holiday, receiving parcels from your loved ones and sending out some yourself, consider sharing some of that kindness with the person tasked as the messenger. 

Tipping is a beautiful way of showing appreciation, so if you can spare a few bucks, use it to make the delivery person’s day. 

You can share other homemade items besides cash. Share snacks if you have more than you need. At the very least, offer a glass or bottle of water. It may seem small to you, but you’re sharing the holiday spirit.

  1. Leave a Light On

Think of the evening of Christmas Eve when the snow keeps dialing up a notch by the minute, and you want nothing more than to cuddle a blanket by the fireplace.

Now imagine the delivery drivers out there trudging in the cold, working overtime to put a smile on people’s faces. The least you can do is leave the front porch light on for them, especially when you’re expecting a delivery.

One of the things delivery drivers struggle with on their routes is dark streets. Keeping your front porch light on makes it easier for a delivery guy to confirm the address and make their way to your door.

It probably won’t always cross your mind, but it makes a difference when you leave your light on.

  1. A Kind Word

If you’ve ever worked directly with customers, you know the importance of kindness and how rare it can be.

Delivery drivers often come across nasty individuals, and they get to bear all kinds of personalities. 

Your kind word could be that bright spot in someone’s day. It could be as simple as “Thank you” or “Have a good one” but it’s uplifting. Make it a point to be nice when interacting with a delivery person.

  1. Kindness on the Road

It’s unfortunate that accidents involving delivery trucks have become common across the nation. The simple explanation is that delivery drivers tend to rush to stay on schedule, which happens even more on holidays.

You can help keep delivery drivers safe on the road by being kind, understanding, and giving them a free pass. 

You could show your appreciation by allowing delivery trucks to overtake, slowing down, and giving them enough space.

Final Thoughts

Holidays are challenging for delivery drivers, not with the excitement, increased traffic, exhaustion, and the rush to get to places faster. 

The current stats on delivery vehicle accidents are high, and holidays increase the risk factor. On that note, JT Legal Group goes into detail on delivery vehicle accidents and what to do when it happens.

As someone who benefits from the work of delivery guys, remember whatever you can do could go into making the day happier and safer for a delivery driver.


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