4 Ways Supply Chain Tech Can Benefit SMBs

Supply Chain

SMBs in the transportation industry are generally reluctant to change the way operations are performed. This approach to supply chain management can be attributed to a decades-long culture of performing tasks manually, using spreadsheets and 3 x 5 cards. The manual culture only started declining rapidly in 2020 when the pandemic started and there was a massive shift in the way supply chains operated. Spreadsheets could no longer fulfill orders and satisfy customers. Employees were burnt out. Luckily, transportation management software has been around even before 2020 and is packed with valuable features that enable a higher level of collaboration and visibility to meet demands.

Here are four ways supply chain management technology can help SMBs grow and maintain their business.

Transportation Automation

There are so many components to transportation processes, including shipment tracking and order fulfillment. A lack of visibility can make an entire shipment go wrong, as misunderstandings and miscommunication take place if the right technology is not present. 

Reducing manual processes as much as possible is key to eliminating errors. Ask yourself what areas of your supply chain are easy, no-brainer tasks that a robot or computer can fulfill.

As supply chains expand and deliver to more remote areas, technology must be able to support these advanced initiatives.

Focus on Consumer Experience

Sure, we want to leverage technology to make our lives and our employees’ lives easier as we better navigate the supply chain, but the main goal is to focus on the consumers and to improve the customer experience. Visibility technology allows customers to better track their orders as well. This can save your customer support team massive time as there are fewer questions and inquiries. 

Nowadays, anyone can go online and leave or read a review. You want to maintain a good reputation for your supply chain company and when your operations are backed by reliable technology, you can reap the benefits of consistent company growth due to a good customer-first reputation.

IoT and Preparing for Industry 4.0

Along with automation, there is a pressuring need for supply chain companies to get ready for Industry 4.0, a revolution coming about in the logistics world that defines rapid change to the tech world which is said to impact various industries including supply chain massively. 

This period is expected to reach the market between 2022 and 2027, and the supply chain world will witness a greater implementation of smart technology solutions including IoT, AI, Blockchain, etc. The key goal here is connectivity, which allows logistics companies to streamline their short-term and long-term processes.

Reduction of Labor Cost

Eliminating manual processes allows you to reduce the overall labor cost, as there are fewer people needed to track shipments and deal with complications. This way, you can also increase the wages of the employees with the most important function, to reduce employee turnover rates.

By doing this, you save a lot of money and time in the future since you don’t have to worry as much about hiring new employees.

Zara Raza is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Turvo Inc., the world’s #1 collaborative transportation management system.


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