10 Reasons Cheap Compatible Inks Aren’t That Cheap

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    1. Cartridge does not fit

    Compatible inks will say they fit your printer, but when you put them in, you’ll notice that they just don’t fit UV Ink Cleaner. Why? There are many reasons, but the most common is that the retailer sold you the wrong cartridge. Since most of the compatible inks come from abroad, you may have a hard time arranging a refund or exchange. Return shipping can only be more expensive than the price of the cartridge.

    1. And if it fits, the chip won’t work

    If you are lucky enough to have your compatible ink cartridge fit, you will notice that it has an electrical chip attached to it  UV inks. This chip should tell your printer how much ink is left. However, many chips are damaged when the cartridge is refilled or packaged, leaving you with an expensive paperweight. Worse still, some compatible ink cartridges come without any chips!

    1. Your cartridge will overfill or underfill.

    Genuine manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that their cartridges are filled with exactly the correct amount of ink. Compatible ink manufacturers don’t have the same high standards and often put too much or too little ink. So why is too much ink a problem  UV Ink Convert? Well what happens when you blow too much air into a balloon? Appear! And that’s exactly why overfilling an ink cartridge is a bad idea.

    1. Shorten the life of your printers

    Original manufacturers’ inks are specially designed to work with your printer to ensure that your printer performs as designed. Formulas used by genuine manufacturers not only guarantee excellent print quality, but also help your printer run smoothly. Compatible inks are made to produce cheap ink, which can easily ruin your machine, and this can work in two notable ways …

    1. Ink will clog the print head.

    Compatible ink manufacturers cannot copy the formula that genuine manufacturers use, so they do the best they can  AM.CO.ZA. And the “best estimate” tint will not work well with your printer, causing the print heads to jam. So as you scratch your head and wonder why your page is only half printed, your printer suffers from dubious ink.

    1. And if it doesn’t clog, it will leak

    If you are lucky enough not to have a clogged print head, you are probably unlucky enough to have ink leaks. Compatible cartridges have a lower build quality than OEMs, and ink often works its way through poorly sealed gaps. What this may mean for you is that instead of your page being covered in ink, the inside of your printer is. And cleaning that ink is very complicated and very expensive.

    1. Either way, the print quality will not be good.

    Most inkjet printers require a little drying time after printing – but when using compatible inks, prepare for the worst. Your paper will be soaked in ink that is very happy to smudge with the slightest touch. And since the ink is still wet, it is likely to blend into the surrounding colors. And if you leave it in the light, it will fade.

    The print quality you get from compatibility is so low that many genuine manufacturers commissioned Buyers Laboratory Inc. to investigate the quality of compatible ink. Search for “Buyers Lab Compatible Ink” and you will see various reports showing how poor compatible inks are compared to OEM inks.


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