What Is the Best Hydro Flask Sticker?


When it comes to Hydro Flasks or any reusable water bottle, adding stickers is a great way to add individuality and your own style. Making your water bottle speak to you has made Hydro Stickers the new trend. No matter what you want to show off, there are hundreds of ways to show off who you are. But which type of sticker is the best? And which type of sticker is best for you?

The Wide Variety of Hydro Flask Stickers

You can choose from endless types of stickers showing off personality, artwork, your favorite businesses, memorable snapshots, and more. Some of which we will talk about and compare include decals, classic stickers, and vinyl. The best part about these stickers is that they can be customizable down to their very last detail.


Because these stickers are made to be moved from one place to another, the biggest difference between decals and classic stickers is that the materials are made with different materials. This enables decals to use heat or water to move the image from one surface to another. These work great on glass, metal, ceramic, and porcelain objects. Because of this, decals tend to be waterproof and highly durable typically used for outdoorsy, adventurous, and high travel situations.

Classic Stickers

When you think of classic stickers for your hydro flask, these are your paper-made, simple, stick-to-anything-and-everything type of sticker. These stickers tend to be the most common, and it is safe to say that these stickers are the most affordable style of a sticker. The downside to these stickers is that they tend to lead to rips and tears and absorb water as they are the least durable.

How to Waterproof Classic Stickers

Something that can be done to boost a classic sticker is to make it waterproof. The only issue is that making paper stickers waterproof can be very difficult. Some of these strategies include making sure the sticker is designed with waterproof ink in order to make sure it does not fade and using a waterproof sealant or laminate sheet to make sure the water stays out of your classic sticker. 

Vinyl Stickers

If you want the most durable option, vinyl stickers might be what you need. Vinyl stickers are not affected by water at all and fade or deteriorate at a much slower rate than most stickers. Vinyl is a type of plastic that gives it that extra durability to make it much harder to tear. Vinyl Stickers can also be designed to have no background and focus on just the image you want. Because of its plastic nature, when vinyl stickers fall off they can be reapplied and adjusted right to wear you want it even after the first try.

The Bottom Line

No matter what you want, there is a variety of styles and types of stickers to choose from. Knowing what works best for you will make all the difference when choosing what sticker you want to add to your water bottle and knowing your options can help you make the right decision.


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