What Does a Full Service Video Production Company Do?


The value of superior-quality videos cannot be overstated. But, it all starts by hiring a professional to do the heavy lifting- physical and technical. And when all is said and done, the video production services you settle for may determine the quality of your recording. This underscores the relevance of hiring a skillful and experienced company. Pro tip: consider asking for a portfolio of projects a company has completed to help narrow your search for suitable candidates. 

So, what services does a full-service video production company (VPC) offer? 

  1. Planning

The initial planning process involves deliberating with a client to have a clear idea of their vision and expectations. The VPC also goes over the idea of the video to establish its feasibility and may tweak some elements after consulting the client. Ideally, such a meeting would detail all of the project’s variables so that each party understands their roles and responsibilities and that everyone reads from the same page. Such a discussion would also cover:

  • The project’s budget
  • Filming locations
  • Project schedule
  • Target audience
  • Project goals
  1. Market Research

Video marketing is personal: it involves creating content that resonates with a selected audience. A full-service VPC takes the time to learn about its client and its target audience. 

Understanding your audience simplifies the process of creating a compelling video campaign. Before producing a video, a video producer would research the market to understand the competing offers. Accordingly, they can exploit a gap by selecting an appropriate angle for their video.

  1. Storyboarding

Simply put, storyboarding transforms your idea into a story. It involves brainstorming for feasible ideas, sketching out how various scenes should play out, and detailing them by adding notes. A production team also plans various shots in light of the available resources and revises the board to communicate the client’s intended message. 

  1. Scripting 

A script articulates your idea and could make a world of difference. It plans the dialogue so that characters in the video deliver your message and reflect your brand’s style and image. Talented scriptwriters can save you time while bringing your idea to life in a way that addresses your audience’s pain points. They also edit the script to enhance its suitability for production. 

  1. Casting 

A VPC selects the talent for roles that call for actors. The firm may also rely on a casting agency to find suitable candidates. Video production may also require specialty pieces or props, which a full-service firm would rent or buy. Casting may also be conducted virtually by reviewing demo reels from prospective actors to get a sense of their presence and what they bring to the table.  

  1. Selecting a Location 

On-site video shooting can keep expenses low. But, it could result in a bland run-of-the-mill video that’s a pain to watch! A video production company can search for alternative locations, in consultation with the client, and would consider: 

  • Ease of access
  • Permit and insurance requirements
  • Scenery 
  • Availability of amenities for the filming crew
  1. Video Creation

Video production doesn’t require a one-size-fits-all setup or technique. A production company is likely to use diverse methods and creative approaches to shoot a video. Ideally, a versatile team uses lighting and other equipment to bring out the best in a video. 

A professional crew captures the primary and supplemental footage, including voiceovers and interviews. The client also needs to chip in by detailing some attributes they would like to include in the video to avoid reshoots and time overruns. 

  1. Editing

The post-production process involves reviewing footage and making changes to enhance a video’s appeal. Some of the subtle elements editing specialists can incorporate in the video include:

  • Subtitles
  • On-screen graphics
  • Sub tracks
  • Closed captions
  • Animation

To transform a video, designers and editors may also need to reorder scenes, clip some out, or merge others to create a unified whole. They may also record voiceovers and improve audio quality by removing background or unwanted noise, using vocal enhancers, and adding audio effects. Savvy audio producers also get to synchronize audio and video content so that the footage sounds as great as it looks.  There are companies that specialize in video editing services which is called post-production. Besides this, mediamedic.studio has a lot to offer if you need any help with the audio files.

  1. Delivery

Once the project is done and dusted, a VPC submits the video to the client. Full-service firms may dial things up by distributing your files through social media, TV, your website, email, and more. A clear distribution plan allows your target audience to find and see your video, giving your strategy a better chance of achieving its objectives. 

In brief, hiring a full-service video production company takes care of the time-intensive and technical process of creating content for your firm. If you plan to convert your great video idea into reality, involving a professional firm is the way to go.


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