What can I do with a degree in International Relations?


There was a time when students would opt for an MBA degree in finance or marketing because that was ‘cool’. However, the Indian education system and students have evolved a lot over time. With the advent of social media and portable news houses in the form of mobile applications, students have shown a lot of inclination towards humanitarian studies. One might ask the question as to what constitutes humanitarian studies. It deals with the study of how countries and their nationals shape the policies that they have with respect to other countries or the rest of the world. India has seen a tremendous rise in the viewership of the political setup of our country for the past few years. International policies, political discussions, governance, etc. are no longer subjects of the ‘oldies’.  The younger generation has started focusing on how policies in India are formed and how they affect our day-to-day living. During this period, understandably, the number of students who have opted for a degree in international relations has also risen. This indicates that the general population of India wants to learn and contribute to the rapidly evolving state of India’s relations with the rest of the world.

A natural question that comes to a student’s mind is “What education credentials are required in order to get accepted for an international relations course” followed by “What are some good colleges that offer a course in international relations”. We will answer both questions for you. Firstly, a degree in international relations is offered as a master’s program in leading universities of India. This means that a student would be required to hold a bachelor’s degree in order to get enrolled in a course related to international relations or international business. To answer the second question, we will take Kalinga University as an example. Kalinga University, established in Raipur (which is the capital city of Chhattisgarh), is one of the premier institutions that offer a Masters of Business Administration program in international relations. Facilitated by one of the most experienced faculty in the country, Kalinga University checks all the right boxes. It has also been awarded the third rank in Business Schools/Colleges in India and Topmost College offering BBA & MBA Courses in Chhattisgarh by CSR. Such credentials surely make it one of the most sought-after MBA colleges in Raipur.

A state-of-the-art campus, huge library, connections with industry experts, etc. are some of the few features that the students get exposed to when they enroll for an MBA in international relations at Kalinga University. The university also understands that imparting education is not its only goal. They strive for the overall development of a student and prepare them to face the professional world. This starts as soon as the student opts for an international relations course at Kalinga University. Students are given individual attention and are provided with some great case studies throughout the course. This setup provides a perfect mix of theoretical knowledge gain and practical exposure. Every student aims to work for big organizations once they complete their graduation. This is why they offer placement services with some of the most notable organizations in the country. As one of the most reputed MBA colleges in Raipur, Kalinga surely holds up to its name.

A degree in international relations opens a lot of new and exciting opportunities for freshers. It surely takes the limelight away from a career in tech. Most career opportunities entail a lucrative pay option and a shot at national and international recognition. 

  • Diplomat

For example, an international relations degree holder can apply for a job as a diplomat for the Indian government. Diplomats are representatives of a nation in a different country. They are essential for policy formation and upholding cordial relations with different countries. Since diplomats often spend time in other countries, they have a better understanding of the local traditions and political setup. They can provide first-hand information about how a specific country sees India and suggest how we can improve relations between the two nations.

  • Political Analyst 

 If you can’t handle separation from your homeland, you can become a political analyst in your home country. Political analysts that have a degree in international relations are often at the end of key policy formation when it comes to other countries. 

  • International Lawyers

Since international relations graduates have knowledge about overseas political and social setup, they can also opt for becoming international lawyers. International lawyers offer legal advice and assistance to nationals of different countries. If you have an altruistic nature, you can opt for a career in a non-profit organization abroad and serve humanity. This option might not carry a big paycheck. However, it helps individuals build a brand around their name and garner global appreciation. 

Other career options also include lobbyists, getting recruited in the intelligence wing, etc. Due to the importance and sensitive nature of these jobs, it is difficult to apply to them. Furthermore, the selection process for some positions is very tedious and requires high intellect. This enables the recruiters to hire only those professionals that can be trusted with national prestige.

The career options mentioned above might not be mainstream as such but carry a lot of potential and are viewed with great respect in the national and international community. However, along with all the perks, these jobs are very demanding. Since most of these jobs require representation at a national level, every word that is uttered by such professionals has the power to build or worsen relationships between countries. A good diplomat, for example, can strengthen ties between two nations and enable better trade, import, export, information sharing, and better interdependency. And it is sufficient to say that a bad diplomat or a team of diplomats can start a war between nations. That is why it is of the essence to select only the best individuals for this job. In the coming future, when all countries are going nuclear and developing tremendous firepower, people with knowledge of how international businesses work and how international relations are maintained might prove to be a saving grace for humanity.


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