Ultimate Guide for Using Custom Advertising Flags to Improve Business Visibility

Custom Advertising Flags

Make for extremely effective marketing materials. You must have seen them being used in all sorts of indoor and outdoor events from tradeshows and exhibitions to sporting events and public rallies.   

So, what makes them so effective? This will help you understand – 

  • Promotional flags and banners are extremely lightweight and portable. Carry them to any event of your choosing.
  • Installing them is a breeze!
  • Like your pop up gazebo or marquee, you can have your flags customised exclusively for your business.
  • They are made of durable materials, meaning you can use them for a very long time.

Different types of flags

Like every other type of marketing material, promotional flags too come in a lot of different iterations. You have the single-sided flag with printed graphics on one side only. And then there’s the double-sided flag with prints on both sides. Advertising flags come in a lot of different shapes too. The most popular ones are – 

  1. The square or rectangular flags: These flags employ a more traditional design approach and look good on anything from custom gazebos to promotional vehicles.
  2. The angled flag: This is a striking new approach to flag design, where a straight bottom edge is complemented by a curved top design, lending the whole thing an appealing look. Snazzy graphics and bold colours look really good on angled flags.
  3. The teardrop shape: As the name suggests, these advertising flags have a teardrop shape! In the last few years, teardrop flags have really taken over the outdoor event landscape. They look fascinating in catchy colour schemes and their unique shape helps them withstand stronger gusts than traditional flags. 

What are they made of?

The fabric of the flag is often polyester or PVC. Both materials are durable and easy to print on. Tent and flag manufacturers use cutting edge printing techniques to print whatever their clients want on their flags. The frame is usually made of aluminium because its lightweight and durable at the same time.  

How can you benefit from advertising flags?

In other words: why should you at all invest in flags? After all, in business, a penny saved is a penny earned! Well, the success of your business relies on – among other things – an effective promotion campaign. Without promotion campaigns, how will people know that you exist? Besides, you need to keep expanding your customer base to stay profitable and increase your revenue. This is the reason brands allocate a portion of their budget for advertising campaigns.

When you invest in a flag, it gives you – 

  • A simple yet effective marketing tool to spread the word out. 
  • The ability to get noticed: A fluttering flag can be seen from afar. What better to draw people’s attention than this purposeful accessory!
  •  Creative latitude: With flags you break the monotony of the usual marketing tools. With some imagination and careful planning, you can create quite an impression. 
  • A product that proves to be great value for money in the long run.

Tips to design a striking advertising flag

Tent and promotional material manufacturers let you choose the graphics, colours and dimensions of your promotional tool. Just keep the following tips in mind before you get on with designing your exclusive promotional flag.

#Tip1: Keep it simple

It’s easy to get carried away with graphics design. But rein in your creative instincts a bit, when designing your flag’s graphics. Keep the artwork as simple as possible. Complex and cluttered graphics affect viewing pleasure and can cause distraction. Remember, simple is elegant!  

#Tip2: Understand how colours affect our minds

Ask researchers and they will tell you how colours affect our subconscious. Our brain responds to different shades and hues in different ways. What may be appealing to you, may not strike a chord with someone else. How to reach a common ground then? 

It so happens there’s a relation between industry niches and colours. For instance, it is obvious that businesses operating in the financial sector cater to customers, who appreciate deep hues. Whereas businesses in domains like adventure sports and tourism cater to fun-loving groups that are more receptive towards funky colour schemes. So, before choosing your brand colours think about what your customers like. 

#Tip3: Choose a reputable manufacturer

This is crucial because you want your flag to be an asset, not a liability. That means you need to buy flags that are affordable and durable at the same time.  

We did some research to home in on the best advertising flags and promotional banners in Australia. And we were mightily impressed by the products offered by Extreme Marquees. What sets them apart from most other manufacturers is the quality they offer with their products. And that’s evident in the warranty they offer on their flags, as well – 1 year on the hardware and 6 months on the fabric. 

#Tip4: Your flag should complement other accessories

Remember, flags can boost the appearance of accessories such as pop up gazebos and event marquees. Before going about designing your flag take a look at your custom gazebo. What colour scheme does it employ?  

Key takeaway 

Promotional flags come in all sorts of shapes, colours and dimensions. You can have the shorter 2m ones and the really tall 4m ones. From small 1700x790mm artworks to large 3350x790mm graphics, you can have anything printed on them. It ultimately boils down to your taste, budget and willingness to go the extra mile in promoting your brand. Choose wisely and leave a lasting impression in tradeshows and exhibitions! 


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