Tom Wang’s FBA Masterclass Review


If you are interested in selling on Amazon, you must have heard about FBA Masterclass. Perhaps someone told you about it, or you saw an advertisement for it on a social media platform. This course is provided by Tom Wang, a successful Amazon seller and a serial entrepreneur. This course claims to help aspiring Amazon sellers achieve huge profits if they follow its tips and tricks. So, is this true or is it just another online scam that won’t get anywhere?

In this article, you will find a thorough review, and the final saying is definitely yours. Here is everything you need to know about Tom Wang’s FBA Masterclass.

What is the FBA Masterclass?

The course offers resources and materials that can help you understand everything about Amazon.

You might think that Amazon won’t remain the same over the years, and there will definitely be changes in its rules and algorithms. Yes, you definitely got that right. But Tom Wang updates his course content to fit the ever-changing rules of the giant marketplace. This way, Tom makes sure his students are following up-to-date tutorials and instructions.

This course is not cheap, but you will be getting loads of information and materials that you won’t find in cheap or free resources.

What would you find in Tom’s course?

In his masterclass, Tom presents rich training material that can actually help an FBA beginner. There are over 300 videos that vary in length and content. As you begin your course, you will find an introductory video. You will know who Tom Wang actually is, as he will share with you his journey from rock bottom all the way to the top.

As you will know from the video, Tom found his way to the FBA world through a friend. His huge success encouraged him to leave his job to concentrate on expanding his Amazon trade. He used his experience to guide other sellers to get a proper kick-start in their FBA journey. This inspired him to launch coaching services to help as many people as he could, from different parts of the world. This has led to the making of this course.

The course also features success stories of former students of Wang’s course as proof of its legitimacy and worthiness.

As you move on from one chapter to another, you will come across different approaches and tactics that can make you successful on Amazon. For instance, Tom is a huge fan of the one-product system. He gives you instructions to pick a product that sells. So, in a chapter of the course, Tom recommends starting with a single product that people need constantly. Also, the product should be cheap to buy in bulk. As for product features, it should be easy to carry and of a small size. Such features won’t cost a lot in shipping, packaging, and storage.

So, this was only a glimpse of what is waiting for you in this course. There are far more topics covered in every single video. Here are a few examples of what you will find in this course:

  • Tips for leading a business lifestyle
  • Investigating internet users’ purchasing habits
  • He will be explaining the system of Amazon FBA and how to use it efficiently.
  • Tools to reach out to consumers through automated mass messaging
  • Negation skills with suppliers

The secret ingredient for success, based on Wang’s course

According to Tom, the bottom sourcing process is behind it all. Tom believes that the source of the product is as important as the product itself. Typically, a starting seller needs to cut their costs in order to make profits. So, you need to find cheap bulk items that won’t be a burden on your budget in shipping, storing, and any other relevant aspect.

To achieve this goal, Tom suggests contacting as many Chinese vendors as you can. Even if the number reaches 60, you will need to keep digging to find the most lucrative deal of all.

Things to like about Tom Wang’s Amazon FAB Masterclass

There are many things that you could like about this course. First of all, it comes from a real FBA master who has done it all. You are not getting the experience of someone who is struggling to grow their business, but someone with 8-figure sales and an already sold out Amazon brand.

Also, the course contains rich and extensive material. It is not just a couple of videos talking about the initial steps on Amazon. It is a detailed course that takes care of everything a new seller would need. For instance, it covers choosing a product that sells and how to get it at cheap prices. Also, he teaches students how to rank on the first page and how to provide support for customers.

Finally, Tom Wang allows students to provide feedback at the end of each class. So, it seems like he wants to hear from his students on how to improve teaching or which topics they want to learn about.

Is this really worth going for? 

You have the right to ask this question. After all, the course costs nearly $7000 CAD. You will need more cash as a starting capital for your business too. Tom Wang is not just another successful Amazon seller. He has generated sales of millions of dollars and has actually sold his own brand. This is something you don’t find all the time on Amazon. So basically, the man is not like everyone else providing an online FBA class.

This class can fall under the category of “pricier course,” but no one says they didn’t get what they paid for. There are many happy students out there with success on Amazon due to the instruction of Wang’s course. In fact, there are a few of them featured in the introductory part of the course.

It won’t harm you to keep digging and reading about your chosen course before committing to it. But keep in mind that Tom’s course has been around for a couple of years and has received many positive testimonials.


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