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Casino chips are the currency of casinos around the world. If you enter any place with games, you will see many colors and many values of this casino money. Without knowing their true properties, you may think that casinos created them just so that a cheating player can’t steal real money, while if you are one of those people, you are very wrong. There are many reasons why casinos use chips, so we will try to explain them.

If you want to know what a metal token used to play in a casino is, what function a token has in a casino and why an operator uses tokens instead of money, then keep reading this article. Enjoy your reading! Also, you can have a lot of fun using our service Casinotice. – Red Dog Casino provides only the best offers for players.

What are chips?

Casino chips are nothing more than small round discs, which can be made of different materials. You can generally distinguish 4 types of casino chips:

  • metallic;
  • ceramic;
  • plastic;
  • clay.

As for the former, they are mainly used in slot machines. In addition, certain colors of casino chips assign a value to them. Some operators also use rectangular arrays that look like chocolate, while this mainly applies to huge sums of money, which in chips would take up too much space on the table.

What games can the chips be used in?

A casino chip is designed for almost any type of game betting. Slot machines use metal chips, which is understandable, due to the magnetic solutions used in the machines, which can recognize its value. In addition, the metal design ensures fewer failures, as it does not wear out as quickly as the plastic casino chip, which is used during table games.

Why does the casino use chips?

The casino token has been present in its current form in casinos for several decades. It is certainly more functional than cash, as it can be counted more quickly and easily, and provides a certain aesthetic appeal. Can you imagine a mountain of money lying on a poker table? With chips, the game is more simplified and faster. On the other hand, these are not the only reasons why the world’s biggest brands use chips. Find out more below.


Casino chips provide operators with an extra layer of security. Fixed gambling companies can monitor the chips and the amount of them to determine if, for example, a certain amount has been carried outside the facility. This allows them to track their high-denomination chips and easily detect fraud. If someone brings in a counterfeit casino chip, it will be revealed immediately.


One of the reasons casinos use chips is simply convenience. In addition, money bends and cannot be easily stacked, is difficult to track and takes up a lot of space at the table, which is certainly not desirable.


One of the main reasons casinos use chips instead of cash is that chips somewhat separate the player from his precious money. It’s much easier for gamblers to place a huge bet because they only have chips in hand. Logically, gamblers know what the value of the chips is, while it is not real cash, so they feel a little less inhibited about taking more risks.


Casino chips play a very important role not only in terms of security considerations, but also in terms of the strategy of the entire business. It is the casino chip that makes the game faster and more comfortable.

All casino chips have a predetermined value. It is presented in appropriate colors. We can distinguish such colors as white, red, blue, green, black and purple. Depending on the country, their value may vary, while the purple color is usually the most valuable.


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