The 3 Hottest Casino Game Categories in 2022

Online Casino

Have you read a guide for beginners to online casinos this year? If so, you’re not alone. These guides are being produced in droves to accommodate the rising number of casino players.

2022 has been a big year for the gambling industry. It’s more popular and profitable than ever, and it has used this player influx to invest in new games, technologies, and platforms. As a result, we’ve seen the rise of several big game categories this year, including:

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Virtual Sports

Although it seems like a lifetime ago now, it has only been a couple of years since global sports were suspended and events like Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics were delayed. At the time, everyone wanted their fix of sports betting, but no one could meet that need.

Many of those players turned to online casinos and that’s why this industry experienced such a surge. Others turned to virtual sports, a type of casino game that simulates sports betting.

Just like sports betting, there are lots of different virtual sports and markets to choose from. And after you have placed your bets, you can watch the games unfold before your eyes. 

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen several huge virtual events, including an event that was watched by over 200,000 people.

Live Slots

Slot machines are a very personal thing. It’s just you, the machine, and a lot of RNG. Developers know this, but they also know that slots and live casino games are two of the most popular categories. So, they have been keen to combine them, and they have managed to do just that.

Live slots like Gonzo’s Quest Treasure Hunt combine classic slot gaming with a live casino experience. Rather than each player spinning the reels on their own slot, they simply play a collective game and then make individual bets on the outcome.

It’s an easy workaround and it’s one that has opened the door for a massively popular new gaming experience.


Megaways is a unique slot feature that adds thousands of potential “ways to win” to a slot. It was developed by Big Time Gaming and first used several years ago. After a while, it was licensed to other creators and they began utilizing it on their own slots.

In 2020 and 2021, we saw a greater number of developers getting involved and the total number of Megaways slots rose above 20. In 2022, there are dozens of these games and more of them seem to be appearing with each passing week.

It seems that we’re living in a golden age for Megaways slot machines, and if you’ve used this feature yourself, you’ll understand why.

One of the great things about Megaways is that it works on existing slots and in combination with other features. It has been added to all kinds of popular titles and used alongside features like progressive jackpots, Cascading Wins, Cluster Pays, and more.

Conclusion: Popular Casino Games

These are just a few of the games that are popular right now. There are many more out there and the number is growing. The online gaming industry has never been bigger, making this the perfect time to experience it for yourself!


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