Signs That You’re Head over Heels in Love with Someone


Love always allows you to open up and be a better person in life. Love provides you with someone you don’t mind that will understand you or at least patiently allow you to express your feelings. While love can have many positive effects on a person, it is important to recognize that the new changes you are making are due to this new feeling –LOVE. So, take these signs and go and tell your potential partner without hesitation that yes, you are in love with them. If you’re trying to figure how to know if you’re in love, here are signs of true love that you want to say those three words to your special person

You Catch Yourself Smiling

You often catch yourself smiling these days unnecessarily, and of course, this sign is justified when you are in LOVE. When you miss someone or think about them, you start smiling and believe us or not; your eyes shine at that moment too.

Your Special Someone is Always on your Mind

She constantly gets into your thoughts: ‘she/he would love this’, ‘wonder what he/she is doing?’ Or should I text him or her at an inappropriate time? You want them to think about you too, so you make a little excuse to say ‘hi’. Thinking about your special someone and hoping they are thinking about you? Yes, these signs are that you are in love. If someone is special, you think of giving him a special gift that you can buy online.

You Glow!

It is true that you glow when you are in love. Your skin is lit with inner joy. You’ve assumed that he/she is Mr/Miss Right and you love them to death – and it’s only a few months! It is wonderful to feel happiness from the inside out, and it will reflect in your presence; Your worries will go away as you start imagining what your children will look like and plan every detail of your lives.

You check your phone a lot.

Yes, we caught you when you were checking your phone 60th time for 260th time. Stop wondering why? You are falling head over heels with that person. So stop wasting too much of your time reading this article and shaking your head in the agreement we are giving you, and telling your potential partner that he/she is the only one you will ever date in your life.

Appearance check

You usually look at your clothes whenever they are around. You always make sure your hair is fine and do every bit to impress your special someone.

You send them gifts to express your feelings.

One thing is sure that you tend to buy gifts for the one you are in love with. Be it their birthday or valentines day; you wish to be with them and express your love to them. For instance, if you are planning to propose your special someone go for thebest gift for girlfriend on valentines day or for your boyfriend to express your deepest feelings.

In other words, there will be times when things will work smoothly in any healthy relationship, where the spark is alive, and the couple is interested in each other and life. How to know if you are in love or not, real love is accepting that boredom is normal and not a symptom that something is wrong with the relationship or that you don’t love your partner enough. Just remember to take things slowly; If he/she is indeed one, you are there to enjoy yourself together for the rest of your life! Happy love!


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