Shares To Invest In May 2022


Investing in the stock market is a very efficient way of diversifying your earning portfolio and increasing your passive income. However, before investing in the stock market, you need to identify the best stocks to buy. The decision on which stocks to buy will make the distinction between an investor that is likely to lose money and the investor that will make a fortune out of their investment. 

Therefore, you should first research the previous stocks available on the exchanges before making the ultimate decision. 

This article provides various pointers regarding the top stocks to buy with the highest growth in summer 2022.

  1. Tech Stocks

If the recent years of trading online is anything to go by, one can never go wrong investing in tech stocks. However, not all tech stocks have the highest growth. Some tech stocks are likely to fall if diligence is not observed. One of the best tech stocks to buy is Apple Inc (AAPL). Apple is one of the very few companies across the globe, which is valued at over $1 trillion. The company is constantly manufacturing new products, ensuring they will always be relevant in the market. Additionally, it makes up more than 7% of the S&P 500, which means almost every index in the world has an investment in the stock.

Another stock you cannot go wrong buying is the NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) shares. NVIDIA corporation manufacturers most of the integrated circuits for many computers and devices across the globe. This means that nearly every computer in the world has an NVIDIA chip placed in it. Therefore, based on the growth of technology in the modern age and the acceptance of computers, primarily as people work remotely, the company is likely to increase sales as the years go by. Buying shares in this company will therefore be very effective.

One other tech stock to buy, especially in recent years, is Microsoft Corp (MSFT). Microsoft is the largest producer of operating systems for computers in the world. Therefore, almost every personal computer in the world is fitted with the Windows operating system, produced by Microsoft. Buying shares in Microsoft allows you to have shares in a company with such a comprehensive client portfolio. Inc. stock (AMZN) is the last tech stock to buy this summer. Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, especially in the technology field. The company is involved in e-commerce, digital streaming, and cloud computing. Therefore, the company is involved in many products, which allows it to diversify its product range, resulting in high sales. Companies with high sales have valuable shares, as visible in how Amazon has been performing over the years.

  1. Entertainment Stocks

Apart from the highly valued technology shares, entertainment companies also provide an avenue for high growth for investors trading in the stock market. This is because of the importance of entertainment to society in recent times. As such, entertainment shares can allow an investor to have high yields.

One of the most valued entertainment stocks that one can purchase is Netflix Inc. (NFLX) stock. Netflix is a subscription streaming service with one of the highest client bases across the world. Netflix provides content for its customers through deals with other producers or original productions. 

Another company that provides similar services to those of Netflix is Walt Disney (DIS). Walt Disney productions are associated with the development of the animation industry in the world. The company is regularly producing new content and revamping the old content. Aside from the films and shows, Disney is also involved in the streaming subscription service known as Disney+. 

As such, the company has a high possibility for value and growth. Disney is also involved in deals with various companies, such as Pixar, that allow it to collaborate in the production of animation and movies. Owning shares in Walt Disney and Netflix will be very important for an investor who intends to buy shares in the entertainment industry.

  1. Transportation Stocks

Buying shares in the transportation industry is also a wise decision to make. One of the best stocks to buy in the transportation industry is Uber Technologies (UBER). Uber Technologies is based in the United States but has reached many countries over the globe. The taxi-hailing services of Uber are revolutionary and allow clients to access transportation quickly regardless of where they are. 

Therefore, as seen in how the company has been having a steady growth over the years, buying shares in Uber will be very wise for any investor. 

Lastly, FedEx Corp (FDX) Is also a stock that is worth observing. FedEx is involved in parcel services which include the delivery of parcels and letters across the globe. Since the company provides an essential service, the company is likely to experience high growth.


The decision on which shares to buy is often very daunting. This is because of the risks associated with investing in the stock market, especially in such uncertain times. However, buying shares in the technology industry, the entertainment industry, and the transportation industry allows for a safe investment, which is likely to have high yields and returns.


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