Most People Suffer From This


This breaks my heart… most people have no purpose in their life.

And if you have no purpose, all of the productivity advice in the world is useless.

“The circle of an empty day is brutal and at night it tightens around your neck like a noose.” – Elena Ferrante

Most people live empty days. Why?

They lack the power of prosperous purpose, and living out of line with your purpose is life draining…literally.

You see, there is actually an interesting link between purpose and your health.

Studies have shown that the people who have a purpose are less likely to suffer disease and get sick.

Furthermore, these people with purpose have a longer life span on average.

On the contrary, lack of purpose leads to increases in heart attacks, premature death, strokes and other mental illnesses including anxiety disorders and depression.

It’s hard to pin point why exactly purpose can affect one’s physical health, but the fact is, there is definitely a link.

But finding purpose is easier said than done.

You can’t take a course on Purpose 101 at school. You can also try reading book after book on the subject but not find it. So-called gurus who claim they can help you to find your purpose are also hit and miss.

Even those who think they have found their purpose may not be living in a way that honors themselves or others, or God.

Remember Michael Jordan? He’s one of the greatest basketball players of all time. But his acceptance speech at the Hall of Fame was surprisingly spiteful. Yes, he did have a single-minded purpose  to be the best, but this also made him angry and bitter toward others.

He’s just one example. There’s so many other celebrities in the rich and famous sphere of society who you might assume have found their purpose because of their material success, but then a lot of them do die early tragic deaths.

Each of them had “purpose”.

But what is missing is putting the prosperity into purpose. It goes beyond money… it encompasses qualities like peace, abundance, fulfillment and more, resulting in a meaningful and enriching life.

So how do you go about uncovering your prosperous purpose?

It’s unlikely a article like this is going to instantly let you discover your prosperous purpose and that’s okay. 

Simply the decision to take the step to do it is a good start!

Here’s some ideas that may help.

Ask yourself, what are the things you would die for?

Maybe those are the things you could live for.

Also, who would you consider to be your heroes?

This is a good question to ask because chances are that the people you consider to be your heroes may have purpose that aligns with yours.

Finally, try to recall times or instances where you were in a state of flow, where time just seemed to go past without you realizing it. These are good signs that you were engaged in something you are purposed for.

Hope this article has been helpful in helping you find your prosperous purpose. Check this out for more on living a healthy life of prosperity.


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